Thursday, June 4, 2015

Night Table

Hello!  Tonight I have a special table set for us.  This is a different look I thought I would try.  You see a lot of tables in the yard this time of year and I thought I would give it a try. However I  have the table set for night dining and made it more special.  I brought it out to what I call our boardwalk which is right off our back porch.  My vintage lace tablecloth was the starting point.  Our rose of Sharon bush has gotten top heavy and needs a good trimming so I brought a few over to the table.
One of our Magnolia trees is lit up for the night.  White china with a gold thin band across each plate and bowl sits on a gold charger.  Round white plates look elegant and work with everything.

Old brass candelabra lit up along with gold candleholders.  Don't light candles with a lot of hairspray, you never know what will happen or be very careful.  Poof went my bangs!  You can read about my experience here.

You can do this look for about as much as you want to pay.  Shop at the top or at discount.

You can see the roses smiling behind the table.  Blue hydrangeas are trying to show their pretty faces.



IMG_0969 (2)


1 comment:

  1. Jan, that is absolutely beautiful......
    I love all of the flowers and lace, and the china sounds lovely!
    You do such wonderful table settings...I always look forward to them.
    Be blessed,
    PS: I'm going off to read about your bangs.....sounds like an interesting tale :^)