Sunday, August 31, 2014


Hey!  How are you?  Today is about being happy.  That’s it.  No words ~  just lots of bright colors  and happy scenes that I hope will brighten your day or evening.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lavender Roses

I think a lot of us are looking forward to fall.  This vignette feels a little like a fall day to me.  Lavender roses and aubergine books with gold lettering and a brass pitcher.

All on an old tattered lace tablecloth.

Looking forward to those cold fall days when you have to wear a sweater inside or turn the heat on.

Fall makes me feel very grateful for my life with all its imperfections.

I don’t decorate inside for fall.  It’s all about the trees with the vivid colors and the blue blue sky for me.

I do like to see others front porches decked out for fall.

My front door is hidden from the lane we live on.  That’s okay with me.  I can sit on the front porch in my gown and nobody knows.

Or grab the camera and try to capture the beautiful colors we have for such a short time.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Copper, Roses and Fall

School has started back and my thoughts have turned to fall.  That time of year that makes us giddy.  When the sky couldn’t be bluer and the cooler weather makes us feel almost childlike.  Excited from the chilly weather and surrounded by the autumn hues it is a season of treasure

Surely I will be impatient for it to return but it will,  just as it did last year and the year before that and all the previous falls before.

It’s a special time.   We are happier in the fall.  Children and pets playing in the leaves, coming indoors with a runny nose that is cold to the touch.

Kitchens smell of chili cooking on the stove.  Hot chocolate reappears in our cup.

For a southerner, its a promise of sweet nippy air.  It lifts one up if only for a few weeks into a  remembrance of one’s youth with the enthusiasm and endless futures before us, as only a child knows.

Certain of  never growing out of childhood.  Forever surrounded by your parents and grandparents.  Only a child knows this.

This certainty that you will always have your best friend to play with and your heart is full and untouched by sadness and despair that life is surely going to give you.  But for now you are untouched.  The joy is limitless.

Fall, the beginning of the school year.  Later the fall of our lives means something entirely different.

But in the beginning days it brings even those in the winter of their lives a glimpse of their endless youth.