Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gold In The Chair

Hey!  How are ya’ll?  I have some pretty photos for you.  We made a quick trip to my daughter’s.

I try to take my camera with me most of the time.  I think I get my mister frustrated with me because when he’s driving and I see something I just think I have to try and see if I can capture it.  I usually just blurt out STOP!

Then he thinks there’s something wrong.  Of course by now he knows what it is and and let’s me know I am going to cause him to wreck!  But he’s been very supportive of me blogging and will tell me the truth about my photos.  If he doesn’t like it, he tells me why and I am glad for the constructive criticism.  I have learned a lot that way.  Oh my gosh!  I sound like a Stepford wife, don’t I?!

My daughter can cook!  While we were there she made this butternut squash soup.  She put some wild rice in and topped it with toasted sunflower seeds.  I have been encouraging her to start a food blog!

That’s her rescue dog.

I put this together at her place.  That chair was put out for trash and we adopted it years ago.  Then when she moved out she took it with her.  I brought the silver pieces along with my blue pitcher so I knew I could ‘play’.   Shawl was a gift she received.  I got really lucky, I had forgotten about the gold in the chair!


Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Centerpiece or Mantel

Hey!  How are ya’ll doing?  I am sharing the mantel with you and then I will show you the centerpiece using the same materials.  Yes, the photo is  really light.  I want to highlight the way I have the mantel decorated.  You can see in the first photo that I added more berries as compared to the second which shows the foliage better.  I am happy with both ways!

I bought the berries a long time ago.  They have been used for Christmas d├ęcor.  Actually when I bought them they didn’t have any glitz about them so I used a little glitter glue on them to give them a little sparkle.  The purple and green leaves were bought so long ago, it must have been in my past life.  Don’t have a clue where I got them but see ~ I held on to them and I reuse them every year at Christmas.  I decided to use them for Fall as well.

The center green bowl came with some fresh flowers.  There’s a really big wine colored candle in it.  Actually it’s stuck in the bowl, I can’t get it out!  The bugle horn I ordered, but don’t remember where from.   There’s a few dried hydrangeas in there as well.   I hold on to things I love and they always work together because I have stayed in love with the same colors.

Faux grapes in just the right colors.  I prefer this for a Fall look over the orange pumpkins especially inside.  Love the crimsons, wines, purples and green colors!

Same materials but used as a centerpiece!  Would be great for a Fall table lasting through Thanksgiving.

You can see the touch of glitter here on the berries.

Or use these at Christmas too as I do!  I just add a lot more to it!

Of course you have seen these materials used before.

On my…buffet!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cotton and Cattails

Hey!  How’s everybody?  The mister brought me some cotton and cattails when he recently went to the  Mississippi delta.  Yay!  I was so glad to get this!

I got ate up by a lot of itty bitty bugs that were too small to see.  If you are going to handle this stuff you should probably spray it with bug spray first.

My mister grew up next to  a farm in Louisiana and picked cotton in the summers growing up.  The cotton fields were behind his house and the bayou was in front.  He used to play in the bayou (pronounced bye) everyday when he was a young boy.

They use to play with the young alligators, the smaller ones, before they got big.   Catching catfish and crawlfish was an everyday thing after school as was helping next door neighbor, Rosie Brown, cast her fishing line from a bamboo pole to catch garfish for supper.

Weekend campouts on the banks with all the kids in the small community was a great adventure of discovery.  Frog hunting, nutria chasing, shooting snakes and whatever they could do to stay up all night was the highlight of every week.

I tell him we need to write down his stories ;)!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sugar and Roses

Hey!  How are ya’ll?  It’s Fall~ isn’t that wonderful!  I am so glad!  Don’t you love the cooler temps and the pretty colors that are coming!  In honor of fall I have a table set up with a fall look.  Since it’s in the middle of the afternoon we are going to have a blueberry cobbler.  I have vanilla ice cream to go with the cobbler and also pumpkin bread and pound cake.  That way if you don’t care for one there is a choice.

I have yet to bring out the white bowls.  I want the cobbler to be hot when it’s served so the bowls will not be placed until the cobbler is ready.

Did I mention that I rearranged my living room?  No?  Yes, I did!  But I didn’t like it and I re~rearranged it the next day.  The mister told me I wouldn’t like it but I was sure I would.  I was wrong!  I should have counted how many times I have rearranged the living room over the years.  The number would be near four digits, I am sure!  I tell the mister that it’s free shopping.  I get a different look and it doesn’t cost a dime!

But that’s not often now.  I also use to paint my living room quite a lot.  The mister says we have thicker walls in there now from all the painting that has been done.  He likes to joke, but I did go from green to blue a lot.

Blue willow plates with a green tablecloth.  I don’t use solid colors much on tables but thought this would be a good contrast to the blue.

By the way, I looked it up and we aren’t supposed to capitalize fall unless it is a part of a proper name.  But it sure looks like it should start with a capital F, doesn’t it?

The cobbler’s ready!  Come on over!


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Sunday, September 21, 2014

An Old Tray

Hey! How are ya’ll?  Sharing a hint of fall today with orange roses and burgundy and rust colored mums.  I brought out my old beat up tray that I love.  It lives in the living room on the trunk I use for a coffee table in front of one of the sofas.  Of course there are a couple of velvet pumpkins and squash.

I have found that if you hold on to things that you love or have loved they can be very useful.  This old tray for example.  I know many would discard it but the beauty is still there.  It’s like getting old.  The beauty isn’t as evident as it once was but it’s still got a little pretty going on!

The roses are in a ice bucket.  I usually use it for my cooking utensils next to the stove top.

Orange roses!  I really love the color of these!

Of course it doesn’t look like fall in my backyard, is it showing in yours?

I want to share with you a photo from last year from the backyard when fall was finally showing.

I don’t remember having much color down here in the fall but the last few years we have had some beautiful color!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Buffet Decorated for Fall

Hey!  How are ya’ll doing?  I just got back from visiting my daughter and decided I would play with bringing a fall look to the buffet.

I hadn’t planned on doing this but I just got motivated out of the blue to do something here.  I have had this stuff for a long time.  I use a lot of this in my Christmas decorating but have always thought the colors lend themselves to the fall look so well.  So this year when I packed up Christmas I stored these where I could get to them easier.  It’s got a little bling to it.

I like it for now.  It might make it here until Christmas, we will see…or I may be changing it tomorrow.