Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Father's Day Message

Hey y'all!  There is a special guest on my blog today.  I have a Father's Day message to share with you.  It is less than two weeks away and I think it's very appropriate.  It's from the heart a talented lady that lives in the same town as I do, her name is Debbie Adams Keene.  She is an artist and wonderful writer!

First of all, my son wins the best dad I've ever known award. There aren't enough words to describe how dedicated and literally hands on he is. His son and daughter hit the jackpot.
Second of all, lets talk about dads. They come in all shapes and sizes and we all have one.  When I was a child, if I got hurt or had a question, I went to my mother. I'd love to name all the good young dads out there but I'd miss some.

If yours was from the World War II era, more than likely he wasn't all huggy and lovey. They just knew work hard, ...let mama show the affection. You knew your dad loved you, but you may never have heard him say it. Their sons were much the same way, not having that day to day, intimate relationship with their children.


Some where along the line, we were able to have these super dads we are seeing now. I look out at my son and his friends and I see a beautiful thing, caring, loving, do-anything for their kids. It's not enough to just work and provide for their family.   They are jumping changing diapers, potty training, reading to their babies and putting them to bed. They're the ones the kids come to if they're hurt. Not that the mommies aren't doing anything. The kids are just as comfortable with either parent.


Thirdly, let me say that you will never have anybody love you like a good parent does. You'll think your wife does or your children. But they won't. Oh they love you, no doubt about it. But the one who would love you enough to let you have your own life is that good mother or dad. They're the one who misses you the most and whose eyes light up when you come in the room. And they're the ones who you'll miss and want to talk to the most when they're gone. You don't realize while they're still with you that everything that you are is a result of how they raised you. Take it from me, you'll quote them and reach way back for the lessons they taught you and remember the times you could have, should have been with them. But they were the ones who understood why you didn't and kept on loving you with all their heart.








My dad and I locked horns sometimes, and I realized now it was because we were so much alike. I quote him and treasure how down to earth and brutally honest he was. For all of you who knew him, I asked to drive his 40 model Ford pickup one night, my mother literally gasped and started shaking her head no. He handed me the keys and said , "if you wreck it, don't come back", his version of "be careful". Somebody asked him one time if he'd sell his Corvette. "Everything's for sale except Momma" (my mother). So while your wringing your hands about gifts for Father's Day or Mother's Day in the future, spend the next year spending more time with them if you still have them. It will be a gift you give yourself, trust me.






This post is from my small town, our Farmer's Market is going on and being held downtown.  Produce and people photos are from their Facebook page.
Have a happy Father's day!



  1. Great post, but I have to disagree with you about growing up with a father during the 40's/50's...my dad served in the Pacific Theater and he always, always told us kids he loved us and wasn't afraid to give us a big hug or kiss. I wish he were still around to hear him say it one more time and to get one of his hugs.

    1. You were very fortunate Marigene. : )