Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pumpkins On The Table

Hello!  I have a simple table set up outside for us today.  It's simple but has plenty of color.  Roses from my yard share my table with store bought roses.  There's pumpkins and ornamental squash as well out here.  A bird's nest with a little egg.  All these beauties are resting on blue toile and blue willow plates. 

Blue always looks its best paired with orange and red.  We take a note from nature's blue skies in Fall and imitate it in our decorating. 

But the blue skies always outdo anything we could attempt.  Blue skies with cooler temps are always guaranteed to make you smile.

If we were to be able to live in any season we choose, I would stay in Autumn.  It's exhilarating!

Not unlike taking that first swim in the blue water of swimming pools and oceans in the hot summer, after months of intense heat the cool blue skies rejuvenate us.

The chilly temperatures bring out an excitement, a joyous relief knowing the heavy burden of heat has left us for the season.



Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Tablescape

Hello!  I am so glad you made it.  There's a table set up for us outside on the back porch.  There is some fresh pumpkin bread in the kitchen. 

The table is covered by a white tablecloth.  White plates give it a solid white background and let the roses and pumpkins be the stars.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall Mantel Part Two 2015

Hello!  I have another Fall mantel to share with you.  It was so much fun doing the first Fall mantel that I decided to do another one.  Let's take a look!

There's some produce up here.  Small pumpkins and orange roses are sharing the mantel with the centerpieces that were on the dining table.  I love the height the centerpieces bring and really think I will use these pieces a lot.  The large green leaves really add interest and that can be changed with small branches like holly.  I can change out the flowers when these wilt and can bring real or faux ones in when needed or desired.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sweet Fall

Hello!  I so appreciate all my wonderful readers that follow me or check in from time to time.  I am switching over to blogger.  I am confident it will be a good fit for my blog and me.  I have been on the fence and had twin blogs but feel it is time to make the decision.  I do love wordpress but it feels like it's time for a change for me.  I do hope you will enjoy my new look!  I am now

Does a certain image take you into Fall?  Maybe remind you of a past Fall? 
Found on

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fall Mantel

Hello!  I have a new look!  I hope you like it!  It feels like I have a radically new haircut but it's my blog's new look.  There's been a flurry of Fall decorating at my house.  Let's take a look.
There are little signs that Fall is arriving.


The mantel is wearing a Fall look now.  There were many options to try.
Of course dried hydrangeas are a big part of the Fall look.  They can be messy but that's okay.  The candelabra is out on the mantel.

Out came some old silver for a different look.

The geese wouldn't look my way so I started calling them and thought they were taking notice.  See how attentive they are!


They were paying no heed to me.  There was a lone goose on the lake talking to them and they had quite a conversation before they all flew away together.  The loner must be the one in charge.

It was such a pretty sight.  Nature gives us such beauty.

The mister and daughter aren't giving their approval on the mantel.  One said it looked too much like Thanksgiving.  That is exactly what I was going for. ; )  I don't do Halloween decorating but love a look that will carry us into the end of November if I so choose.
There's even a small pumpkin.





Dried flowers are still pretty.


Layla napping in the sun.



Fall Table 2015

Hello!  I have a new look going on with my blog, I hope you like it!  I have been working on the dining table.   It has a Fall look going on.   Let's take a look!

I have copper holding dried hydrangeas and sunflowers.  Two floral pieces with cattails and tall curlys share the spotlight with the red and yellow flowers.


Some where along the way I decided to leave my Merry Christmas framed cross-stitch up year round.  The colors are perfect.

White roses sit on the buffet.



Layla likes to model for me, she's right there on the rug.

Pie pumpkins will be pies later.







Sunday, September 13, 2015

Falling For Fall

This is a little of everything today.  It's a mixture of different things, kind of like my mister's gumbo.    Today we get to peek inside Brooklyn's most expensive brownstone according to Architectural Digest.

The Low Mansion is one of the most iconic landmarked buildings in Brooklyn Heights. It was built in 1857 by architect Fred A. Petersen, who is one of the original 13 founders of the American Institute of Architects.

Originally constructed as a single-family dwelling, the mansion is currently configured as an eight-apartment building. The entrance hall features braided arches over the doors, decorative moldings, high ceilings, and a grand staircase.

The living room of the owner’s duplex.

A kitchen opens onto a glass-enclosed solarium, at the rear of the duplex.  What do you think of this kitchen?  I am in love!  The black is gorgeous with that wood tone?!  How about those cabinets?!  Absolutely beautiful!  I don't think I have seen a more handsome kitchen.  Notice the floor.

Rooms at the front of the building offer unobstructed views of New York Harbor.

Architectural Digest

~ in leaves:




Annie Selke

Meet #Interior Decorator Eric Ross from Franklin, Tennessee. #Interiordesign, #EricRoss, #antique #rug #blueandwhite #frenchgardenhousestyle:  -    Eric Ross Interiors

Eric Ross - He is a designer based in Nashville Tennessee.  I love the open friendly feel of this room.  The green relates to the nature outside.
Eric Ross Interiors - This lends itself perfectly with the Fall gold color.

wine country California style: -  I love the look of the wood on this table, it is so warm and casual.

 : -  I just love the look of this, it says Fall without any orange.

4a81c046557383a59d61d5418358dfbb - Is it morning or evening?  Beautiful!

a0641a9bd697c496b0366b0cde341815 - Can't you just slurp it up?!