Monday, June 15, 2015

Beautifu Behind (The Sofa)

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Do you want a beautiful behind?  Your sofa, that is!  There's that big blank spot behind the sofa.  What will you do with it?  There are lots of options.  What are you drawn to?  Do you love pastoral scenes with sheep or cows?  Florals?  Blue and white ginger jars?  Maybe a mirror?

Most anything that would work on a mantel or table as a vignette would work behind the sofa.  Be sure your art is close to your sofa,  eight to ten inches will usually work.   The sofa will in essence anchor your art.  You don't want your art to seem to fly away because it is hung too high.  It is best for your art or grouping to be  2/3 or more of the length of your sofa.  Also don't hang pieces too far apart.  Be consistent in the space between each piece and it will be much more appealing.

Veranda ~ Dallas decorator Beverly Field and Los Angeles architect Richardson Roberson  ~   Ornate mirror with assorted vases and plates in the center of a wall bookcase.

Linda Benson/Traditional Home  ~  Beautiful grouping of blue and white displayed behind the sofa.

Cathy Kincade  ~  The art has lots of blue which is calming and relates to the blue and white planter.

Traditional Home/ Susie Zises Green  ~  Her art is vivid and gives the room a happy, not too serious vibe.  Sofa pillows pick up the coral in the painting.

Barclay Butera  ~  Traditional Home

Seen on houzz  ~  What fun this is with a collection of weather vanes!

571819e5af1e779e33f9b66453b46417  ~  Very large artwork surrounded by blue and white prints.

Found on  ~  Very dramatic painting brings room together.

houzz The Landschute Group
Seen on houzz  ~  Of course having a beautiful view just outside your windows is always a winner!

Alexa Hampton ~ ArchitecturalDigest
Alexa Hampton  ~ ArchitecturalDigest ~ Large pieces of art over sofa wall lending itself to a gallery look.

Miles Redd in House Beautiful
Miles Redd in House Beautiful  ~  Large mirror surrounded by botanical prints.

ca  ~ The ocean painting lends itself beautifully to the blues used in the room.

Jenny Magher
Jenny Magher  ~  Beautiful array of art.

Emily A. Clark
Emily A. Clark  ~  Blue and white is always pretty!

Tory Burch room and just look at the massive art behind her sofa!  The art fills the space with rich colors that compliment the green color of the fabric that sits under it.

houzz Pulliam Morris Interiors
Found on houzz

Miles Redd ~ Bookcase behind sofa is large and welcoming.

Iris Apfel ~ Large screen add drama behind sofa.

Holly Mathis ~ Center floral art surrounded by botanicals and green plates.

Look at the drama this large mirror brings!
Donna McClatchey
By Donna McClatchey on

Veranda ~  Designer John Oetgen

P. Allen Smith  ~  Dramatic with large landscape and portrait above.  Surrounded by small framed art pieces.

Coco Chanel's apartment  ~  Books everywhere! and a large ornate mirror

Cote de Texas

Me, I did hang this trio a little higher but I felt like the lamps acts as a bridge between the art and the sofa.  Antique painting created by my greatgrandmother on the left, with her daughter, my grandmother's, cross stitch mallard underneath.  On the right, a large oval mirror.  Sofa table holds two lamps.


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