Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fifty Shades of Pretty

Blogging at this age means I have a point of view from life experience.  However just like a blogger of any age there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.


It's 3:30 p.m. and the mail has dropped off a couple of Ebay finds.  That sounds so casual doesn't it?  It really is a vortex of its own though.  Pouring through endless amounts of items I don't want to find my Prince Charming means lots of time spent online searching.  It has to be the right everything and financially feasible.  I feel triumphant in just finding the right item!

I am putting away the things strewn across the house from the last post I just finished.  Or trying to....I forgot to eat lunch and it's 4:00.  Sonny is staring at me, which in Shih Tzu language means "I have to potty".  Out we go but he's in no hurry, he has to smell the wind blowing from the east.  He stops and listens to the birds.  He admires the many blades of grass growing.  I keep thinking I need to get back online and respond to comments.  Did I get enough good photos?   I need to double check while the the light is still good.   Did I share a photo on Instagram today?   Sonny admires the grass for several more minutes and kicks his feet in his triumphant way.  My cue that we can go back in but where did Layla go?  She can be a stinker and likes to get in things she shouldn't.


The mister was kind to pick up some roses for me but they have to be some of the plainest most anemic looking roses I have ever seen. Not his fault but they didn't have anything.  I didn't know they grew grey roses!  What can I possible do with them?  Can I dye them?  No, I think Rit dye would kill them.  The box chain store was virtually sold out.  What can I do with these horrid roses?  I need flowers!  Flowers always motivate me and it usually falls into place when they are a part of a post.
No pretty roses today but the pumpkins came yesterday and are amazing!  They are small and I added them to the two larger ones I already had.  I love the colors and they do remind me of rich Fall flowers.  The pumpkins must come in fifty shades of pretty!  They are an Etsy find.  Who says Fall/Halloween has be orange?  There is a lot of shopping to be done online now and through consignment stores.  This larger silver tray is another find off Ebay.





Many bloggers plan their next post but that isn't something that usually works for me.  I may have a loose idea but the ideas always have a mind of their own and I just follow where it takes me.  That means I pull a little of this and a little of that out, much like an enthusiastic cook would be with seasonings.  My decorating pantry is limited and I usually use as much from outdoors as possible.  We are fortunate to be surrounded by trees and shrubs so I can use them for building up a floral piece.  Sometimes that means I accidentally bring bugs in with me.  Chiggers, crickets, gnats and yes lizards!  Ahh...the rewards of blogging!

Blogging after fifty has been a great fit for me.  I have always loved interior decorating and colors.  The freedom to experiment from my home and quench that never ending desire to decorate is fulfilling.  As I have gone through life's many turns and twists I find that like many at this age, nature can calm and soothe my mind like nothing else.  A ride through the country or stopping at the lake for photos can change my mindset effortlessly.  Blogging has taught me to be more appreciative of this.  Also at this age I think most of us aren't nearly as competitive as we may have been when we were younger.  There is such a community of support and true happiness in others' achievements.


The plates I had ordered off Ebay arrived and are really dirty.   Who sends dirty dishes?  So before I can put them away they will soak in bleach and hot soapy water.  But the smell of bleach makes Sonny nauseated and he may stay on the porch for a while.  So in between taking photos I keep him in the corner of my eye, much like a toddler.  Who's the boss here?




Sonny is staring again and I know I have to pause everything or else.....





  1. Beautiful pumpkins! I totally understand what you are saying. I am well over 50 now but I still love to create and decorate. Maybe even learn new things along the way! Have a great day.

    1. Thank you Lynn! I agree with you, in some ways it is much more enjoyable now to learn new things and push yourself. Thanks for commenting!

  2. This is me being really jealous about those gorgeous pumpkins! I have to get some.

    The gray roses are odd. I bet they'd be pretty mixed with pink.

    Happy Thoughts of Home. :)

    1. Thanks Stacey! It's so nice to have lots of colors to choose from instead of just orange. Yes, those are some odd roses! I bet they were supposed to be dyed before they were shipped out.

  3. Wow! The pumpkins are so cute! Nice colours ♥

  4. Love your new velvet pumpkins, I went nuts purchasing velvet pumpkins at Joanns fabrics they were a great price and so pretty...I also scored some t Home Goods...I just love the fall season....
    Wishing you a great weekend~~