Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope each and everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  May you all feel blessed.


Monday, November 24, 2014


Hey!  How are you?  Just wanted to share a Thanksgiving table with you.  We still have lots of fall color down here.  I scattered leaves across my table.  The fabric for the tablecloth is actually turned over backwards.  My mother’s glasses were used with the fall produce I picked up quite a while back.  They have held up beautifully this fall.

I wish nothing but good things for you and yours this Thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's Still Fall

Hello! How are you today? It has been so cold for most of us, hasn’t it?  I just put a few photos together to share with you.  It is still Fall and  we can enjoy the next week before December.

I have been watching and waiting on this tree to ‘bloom’.  It is such a beauty of red.

I picked some beauties out of the back yard.  Too pretty to ignore.

All the lights were off except for this one lamp and the pumpkins jumped out at me.

Did you climb trees?  I did a little.  My grandmother had one tree in particular that I loved to climb.  Limbs hung low on the tree which made it an ease to climb.   I wasn’t much of a tomboy so there weren’t many trees I could climb.

My neighbor’s Bradford pear tree.

White china on a rough picnic table.  This rough picnic table resembles the things we should all be thankful for this time of the year.  Some things in our lives aren’t sugar coated, painted fresh, bright and gleaming.  But they are there, they have always been there.  The support of our family love, shared between generations.   They might not be picture perfect like a post card.  They might have scratches and dents, scars and memories.  But the support of those wooden beams are much like the love of our family.  It will continue like it always has through bright and gleaming times and times of  stormy weather.

 Words by April Garon


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rosemary Is In The Bedroom

Hey!  How are ya’ll?  The master bedroom is wearing its red and white toile duvet cover.  I thought I would start decorating for Christmas a little at a time.  We have rosemary growing in the backyard, it was huge this summer but a lot of it has died.  The rosemary has been doing great for years now but it was planted next to a hickory tree that fell on our house this fall.  What?  I didn’t tell you?  Yes ~ it fell on our balcony upstairs off the master.  I wasn’t home when it happened and my mister was at work.  The fur babies were fine too!  So no one was hurt!  I had mixed feelings about that hickory tree.  It dropped those nuts right on our metal roof and bam!  It made a lot of noise and sometimes I would jump out of my skin!

On to the bedroom, I brought my red and white plate with fresh rosemary from the yard.  I received the vintage perfume bottle as a gift several years back.  The green ceramic container with the pink rose resting on top belonged to my grandmother.  My green stripes curtains and red toile duvet cover bring in the traditional Christmas colors.

Green striped chaise with green striped curtains.  My valances have all the colors in them to tie this all together.

My uncle made this.  It’s dark but I think that sometimes that looks best.  Especially with my many colors and patterns, it helps ground the room.

That’s the same fabric I used for the tablecloth I used this summer outside.   I liked it so much I had my valances made with it.   It has all the colors I love so I can bring in different fabrics but they all mix really well.  If you have followed my blog for long you know I like to mix fabrics.

The balcony redone after the tree fell.  We have to paint the floor and it will be completely fixed.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Last Christmas

Hey!  How are you?  Are you getting into the Christmas spirit yet?  I wasn’t until I started listening to a few Christmas songs.  That always seems to do the trick!  I haven’t decorated yet but I thought I would share a few photos from last year.

I originally had this very old mirror on my mantel in the living room, it lives on the buffet by the dining table now.  I bought most of these decorations on the mantel last fall.  I wanted to try something different so I went with the silver and gold as new additions.  I always try out different looks before I make up my mind and that can take a while. I end up trying different things together and in different places.  Oh! and the mess it makes…   So I started trying out the Christmas d├ęcor on the mantel first. ( Notice the price tag I left on the wreath!)

But I finally noticed it!  The red reindeer has lost a leg and an antler but we keep putting him back together, I have always loved him.  The mercury glass balls ~ I like to say they are mercury but have no idea if they are or not, probably not.  A couple of years ago, I noticed they were very dusty and I washed them with dishwashing detergent.   They were originally burgundy but the color came off all of them except for a couple.  They have this very pretty mercury glass look now.   I just got really really lucky.

This was another look I tried on the mantel.  My greatgrandmother’s art centered on top of the vintage mirror with a garland.  Love how the imperfections on the mirror are showing.

Ran across these candleholders in a discount store.  Love the colors!

See what I mean?!  This was what was originally on the mantel and I decided to try it in here.  I had just come across the oval mirror.

The dining table set for Christmas.  My daughter gave me a sarong to decorate with for Christmas.  That’s it draped over my wooden pedestal bowl with balls in it. Only you can't see the wooden bowl because it's covered by the sarong!  Ha!    The greenery is from the yard and woods.

You can see it better here.

I really get serious about ‘playing’ at Christmas.

'Playing’ with the mirror again, I brought in red berries from the yard.

My ‘granny curtains’, did I mention that One Kings Lane had a sofa on their site a while back that matches my curtains?   Yes ma’am!  Did I buy it?  No ma'am.But

But it sure validates my point!  Remember that song?  It’s hip to be square!  That's me!  I’m dancing!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Dining

Hey! How are ya’ll? There’s a small table on the back porch waiting for us. I am so glad you came by, I have hot apple turnovers and lattes with cinnamon.

But the cold air is on its way so we better enjoy sitting outside while we can.

Tarnished silver creamer and sugar.

Red Maple Tree, oh how I love these trees!  This is my neighbor’s but hopefully we can plant one this Spring.

This is definitely my favorite time of the year, what about you?  Living in the deep south, we are now seeing fall colors all around us.

Ran across these vintage plates years ago.

You can see our little forest back there.  Before we put up a fence we had deer come up to the house a good bit.  One morning I was sitting in the living room and looked out the window and a huge buck was staring at me through the window.  I couldn’t breathe!  It was magical!  We have a lot of deer down here but it’s always exciting to see one.  It makes me feel like a young girl that just saw Dasher.