Friday, September 16, 2016

Displaying with Trays

While many enjoy displaying with tiered trays, I along with my husband and offspring are very adept at knocking things over.  To alleviate any marital discord I have thus far kept the trays in our home to one tier and next to a supporting wall.  This will prove to be safer for all who enter my home and what possessions are on display from being knocked off and sent air born to only fall on or at another person or animal.  There is something in the gene pool that I married into and reproduced with that doubles the chances of something being knocked over.  I don't know if it's the animated talking with hands or the complete concentration on the task at hand that blinds us to the realization of the placement of the tray.  Either way, I fear a tall tray on my kitchen island would be flying off briefly after its placement.  Wink!

Trays help corral your pretties and keep everything more in focus rather than scattered too loosely. I was fortunate to come across this footed silver tray recently at a consignment store.  It compliments the vignette of pears and roses and gives it a sense of importance.  I do love the look of vintage silver.  You can dress it up or go very casual with it but it will always elevate what is sitting in it or around it.  The painting is one that I cherish painted by my greatgrandmother.  The colors of the painting paired with the roses and pears bring an autumn warmth.  Mint julep cups were also found at a consignment store and display the roses.




Continuing my love of blue combined with fall colors is the blue and white lamp.



The vintage dish reveals the pears with other rich colors that mimic fall colors to me.  The wine colored vintage books act as a tray holding the fruity dish.  A large green velvet pumpkin sits in front.





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  1. Jan,
    I absolutely adore the roses in the mint julep cups, dear friend!
    Their varying hues are such a complement to your Great Grandmothers painting!
    Silver trays, in good condition, are getting harder and harder to find.
    Yours is exquisite!
    Pears, roses and silver make a elegant Autumn vignette, indeed!