Monday, June 19, 2017

Coffee On The Veranda

I know most of you know there is no veranda here.  There is a table for us on the back porch.  I have coffee cups if that is what you desire or bottled water.  It's super steamy this morning and hot.

Flowers from chain store and hydrangea from the yard.  Well...that's a fib.  I bought a new hydrangea bush and took two blooms off the plant.  So technically it isn't in the yard yet.

I don't know what is going on with me but I can't get enough lavender lately.  I want nothing but magenta and lavender.  Do you ever get hooked on colors?

Dinner set bought years ago at a consignment shop.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Best Three Months

The Best Three Months from justjanblog


The video quality is better on my twin blog, if you prefer to watch it here.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Blue Hydrangeas Table

This tablescape was born out of wanting to do something a little different.  I have a definite need for color and know there are many that enjoy it.  The blue hydrangeas are vivacious and make a pretty tablescape that dares you to not to notice them.  The magenta tablecloth was picked to bring out the blue of the hydrangeas, fearing a white cloth would be too blah, too predictable. The flowers were demanding a dramatic color so I was determined to please them.  Dahlias and carnations keep things from being too monotone, or too much of one color.

Time of day and taken with a cell phone the blue is much more intense in this photo.

This huge hydrangea head was blue two days ago.  They change color so fast.


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Summer's Floral Party

Up very early this morning and waiting on the light to come into the living room I was thinking about when the last office job I had (many years ago) was just a couple of minutes from our home.  I would go home for lunch and while there I would always immediately notice the colors in my home.  Now I had just left that morning but I worked in a very blah looking office.  Aren't they all?!  But coming home for just a little while and breathing in color always made me feel better.

The early part of the summer months seem to be the prettiest and most enjoyable.  We have some blooms from the yard I brought in.  Some were bought at a local big box store.  A couple of purple hydrangeas and yellow gladiolus along with mint are in this floral delight.

Layla is assisting this morning.  She is a plus size model now.

I love the abundance of flowers this time of year.  It's wonderful to be able to use something from your yard even if it's a small amount.

A garden is timeless and trendless.  That's how I love to decorate, in nature's pretty bounty.

The mint came back from my daughter's plantings, rose of Sharon, purple hydrangeas and butterfly bush help fill out the early Summer floral party. The mint has lasted two years outside!

She had chives, pineapple mint, thyme, catnip, lemon balm, purple basil, sweet mammoth basil, Genovese basil, apple mint, German chamomile, Russian tarragon, sage and fern leaf dill.  Chives, thyme, tarragon, sage and dill can be used in a variety of dishes to add great fresh flavor. You can add chopped dill or chives to butter to make herbed butter.

Catnip, lemon balm, lavender and chamomile can all be used to make herbal teas. They all have a gentle relaxing and calming effect and can be mixed together. Catnip and lemon balm also repel insects and can be used to make all natural homemade insect repellent.  I keep telling her to blog but she doesn't have the time.

The morning sun is shining bright now.  Time to go get some pretty color!


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sofa Table

We finally got sunshine today after two weeks of rain.  What a relief!  The yard is so wet I can't walk across it without getting bogged down.  So today I want to share with you a little rearranging I did.
You remember the armoire that lives in the dining room.  It has been sitting in this corner for years.  I decided to push it over a bit.

The sofa table that lives behind this sofa was brought into the dining room.  I brought the lamps as well.

Now I have great space for sharing whatever is the latest pretty.  I found a really nice green fabric and have a tablecloth from it.  It goes with the wallpaper so well.  This is the first arrangement I did for the new spot.

Today I have just a couple of the purple hydrangeas and paired them on a silver tray and mercury glass candleholders along with a glass candlestick.  The glass holding the hydrangeas with the fleur de lis was done by my talented sister-in-law years ago when we got a set from her.

What have you been up to lately?


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sarah Vanrenen

I love the English and their incredible eye for decorating.  Sarah Vanrenen would be included in that.  She hasn't turned her back on color as we in the U.S. seem to have.  She is bold and has a keen eye.  Designing for over fifteen years she doesn't believe everything has to match in her decors.  It's not surprising she has such talent when you learn her mother is textile and interior designer Penny Morrison, of Irving & Morrison, that is Carolina Irving & Penny Morrison.

From Sarah's site here   She has worked as an interior designer for over fifteen years.  She has a strong belief that homes should be lived in and not monuments.  Her style is architecturally modern and simple with clean lines, sturdy and practical.  A home should look as though it has been lived in and the things in it accumulated with love and time by the owner, but still have a sense of togetherness.

Sarah loves to find individual pieces of furniture, textiles, rugs, lamps, artworks and is constantly scouring markets, galleries, and little places off the beaten track to find that sometimes wacky, but always original, and special piece, so that each home looks completely unique, and not the same as the last house she decorated.  Sarah reads her clients and adapts her style to their character and their lifestyle, so that no one walk into their home and says "oh did so-and-so do this?"
We will visit three homes displaying Sarah's talent.

 Sarah has brought the colors and charm to her husband's Wiltshire farmhouse.  When Sarah married her husband she had much work to accomplish to her husbands' 300 year old farmhouse.  His grandmother had lived there and he had lived there all of his life.

Country Farmhouse

There is a thread of red running through the house.

Master bedroom with an  embroidered linen bedspread bought at a flea market in France.

Decorated with green fabric, a sari fabric is one of the fabrics used and is used on the ottoman.

A lime and pink throw from India on the bed and a striped rug from Morrocco.

Chelsea Town House

This home is one of Sarah's longstanding clients.

Sarah's London/North Kensington Town House

For more about Sarah Vanrenen, visit