Monday, August 31, 2015

Calling Fall

There's a joke about a banker from up north coming to Mississippi in September.  He arrived to meet a farmer in the delta.  The business man thought he had dressed appropriately since it was officially Fall.  His Mississippian host was in tears from laughing because the business man had on a sweater.  Yes, it's that bad here with the heat.
Fall is usually in it's glory here when we have our Christmas parade.  Can you believe that?  So talk about being pulled in two directions!  My head just starts spinning around like a top.  I try to capture as much Fall beauty as I can while I am getting ready for Christmas.
Fall is beautiful and makes you feel so much better because of the cooler temps.  We can look back until it really does arrive.

It's very simple but striking.  Nothing expensive here, I bought the green vase at a consignment store. it was originally $60, I think, but I didn't pay near that.  The brass 'bowl' was a find at Hobby Lobby.  The  gold candleholder, that I bought at World Market, has a smaller glass I put inside to hold the flowers and it looks like it's being used as a vase.  That's a green tablecloth just folded and used on the coffee table to compliment the fallish look, it came from Walmart.

Velvet pumpkins on silver tray.  My mother-in-law gifted me the crochet beauty.

The same thing used here but I have another candleholder that is a good bit taller.  It came from World Market as well.  I kept my throws from over the years.  I just love the color of the older throws.  I haven't found those colors anywhere else.  I do think they would sell the heck out of these if they would start using these rich colors, especially during the Fall and Winter months.


Burgundy, cranberry, ruby, scarlet, you name it with the reds, they make everything else look amazing.

These are vintage plates I came across and got for almost nothing.  The tablecloth is actually a rug I bought at a discount store here in my town.


Nature gives us lots of beauty if we are patient enough!

This was a vignette I put together last Fall.  My mister brought the goodies back from a trip to the delta.

"Playing" in the backyard with pretty Fall flowers.  Those orange roses still call my name and I'm not usually a orange girl.  The velvet pumpkins I bought a few years ago, I think Hobby Lobby.

Another vignette on the back porch, I had Fall produce and flowers against a red throw.  That was my grandmother's wooden pedestal bowl.


This was while visiting my daughter.  We had made a trip to the store and found these beautiful sunflowers.  I was thrilled!

Orange you glad Fall is coming?


Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Sketch

Hello!  I don't know about you but I don't have fall fever yet. I like this music with this post if you are so inclined.  However this sketch popped in my mind when I was considering putting together a vignette. 

Amethyst, brass, lavender, grape, brown and black.  I gravitate toward these colors in the Fall, who says it's just about orange pumpkins?!  What color is a grape?  I say grape and find them to be an irresistible color in the Fall.

It was sketched by my grandmother's mother.  I thought with some grapes and lavender roses I had on hand, I could put together a vignette or two that has a fall like feel to it.  The colors are perfect to me.  My greatgrandmother was an artist and painted many paintings.  I have shared before on here that she was sent to art school by her parents.  They didn't want her to become serious with a young man she was seeing.  Their plan did not work and they married anyway.  They had children and were very much in love but her beloved husband died early at 32.  She must have felt forced to remarry.  She married her father-in-law.   She had a stroke while still young and my grandmother had to care for her.  She died when my grandmother was 15.  There was no transportation or phone.  My grandmother walked to tell of her mother's passing.  Later my grandmother was sent to boarding school by her two older sisters.  My greatgrandmother had many paintings that were shared with earlier generations.

Inside on the buffet with dried flowers from our garden.  The dried hydrangeas from this year's bushes.

I was surprised to find some very late wisteria on our bush.  I promise it's real!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Do You Remember?

Do you remember?
Do you remember running out in the summer rain and playing until you got soaking wet?

Do you remember loving your grandparent's home and playing until you fell asleep on the living room floor?
Do you remember being a small child living at home?    Do you remember playing at your best friends home?

Fresh Bread by Dave R.A.T.S. on Flickr
Simple and honest memories.  Pure and simple memories.

Some were never born to make memories in their childhood homes.

Home is that refuge that kept you warm when the December rain fell.   Whether you were cold or hungry, saddened or bursting with joy, there was a deep yearning for home.  It was a warm embrace that held you after you pulled away.  It was a season of contentment.  It was a time of great thankfulness.  Do you remember?


Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hello!  I am sharing a little Cajun history with you today.  There are recipes and a little history.

It is an Evangeline Sauce recipes and history pamphlet.  I never ate anything like this growing up buy my mister sure did.  It used to be that even a short distance could create such a difference in culture and what we ate and how we ate.  Now more than ever the lines are blurred.

This little book was my mother-in-law's.

Evangeline Sauce!

Some great recipes to try or suit to your taste.  Either way it's a fun read!

A little history.

Frog legs continued on this page below, at the top, above the Canards (wild ducks).

Hot, spicy foods are a little much for my taste but my family loves it!