Monday, August 29, 2016

Fall Buffet

It's getting a little closer to Fall now, at least that's what the calendar says.  It's so hot here and will be for a long time still.  I say it's always summer here except for a couple of months and it's true!  However I do love thinking of Fall and the pretty colors of leaves falling from the trees and the wonderful weather it brings.  Is it too early to start thinking about decorating for Fall in your home?  That's up to you to decide.  Today I have a few pretties to share with you. (Why is it every time I say or rather write pretties, I think of that horrible witch on The Wizard of Oz.  "I'll get you, my pretty." Remember her?  She scared me to death as a kid and I still am scared of her!  She's here.)

Fall is rich colors.  You can count on a lushness of colors and textures.  Fall is a time of bounty.  Dried hydrangeas mixed with faux ones in the container I recently came across at a consignment store.   Transferware plates are scattered across the buffet.  This is one way I decorate for Fall.





The geese are loving the hot days at the lake.



1 comment:

  1. Jan,
    Gorgeous vignette, dear friend!
    I'm strong into the homeward stretch of Autumn decor!
    This year, I plan to sit back and enjoy my home in Traditional Autumn subdued hues!