Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hey, how are ya'll doing?  Can you believe I found these pretty flowers growing on the side of the road?!  They are a pinkish brown color that actually looks fallish to me.  My mister got out and into the woods for me to get a few.  Anyone recognize this?

That's an old roaster painted to look like copper, it's heavy too!  Filled it with dried hydrangeas and brought out my grandmother's old plates, Currier & Ives, "The Old Grist Mill" by Royal.  I have had this Bunny tray for a long time.

It definitely has a  Fall like feeling to it.  I love Fall and can't wait for it!  I know ~ it's not August and I am talking about Fall.

I know it's going to be a good while before we feel those cool temps, especially way down here.

But I can dream!



Savvy Southern Style

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Carnival Of Flowers

It’s almost August and instead of the typical photos of some vignette or table setting I wanted to just have some fun with you!  Let’s just let loose and enjoy some pretty pictures…all that is required is a oooh or aahh if you like it.




A Stroll Thru Life

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just A Little Brunch

Hey, I have been working on a place for us to have a brunch.  The food will be ready in a few minutes.  I am making coffee and the tea is already made.  It’s in the refrigerator, I made it last night so it would be really cold this morning.

It’s really humid this morning.  The sweat is dripping off my head down to my toes again!  I bet we get more rain today.

I dropped my pepper shaker and it shattered in a million pieces.  It’s my fault, sometimes I am like a bull in a china closet.  I get in a hurry and watch out!

I have broken things I dearly loved by being in too big of a hurry or not taking the time to put things in a safe place.  I could just pinch myself!

Thank goodness I do have the other one.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bringing In More Blue

Hey ! I hope you are doing good.   It’s July and steamy!  This is the time of year I really get to craving blue.  Blue looks cool to the eye, makes you think about oceans, pools and water.  We are surrounded by trees here around the house, virtually everywhere you look outside are trees.  We even  have woods beside us.

So with the heat and all the green, I needed more blue around me.  See the little blue pillow went in the center of the sofa.  There is also a blue pitcher on the trunk.

I didn’t paint the living room blue but I have before.  Many times I tried to find the right color of blue!   I finally realized that wasn’t what I needed to do.  The white quilts on the sofas really helps cool things down.  The arms show on each side of the sofas but that’s okay with me, I gotta have a little red!

I flipped the runner over to it’s floral side with the blue gray background.  More blue!

And that all ties in with the rugs.  Going outside…..
We finished painting the porches.  I love the blue toile this time of year.  I have to warn you that you probably will be seeing a lot of blue until fall arrives.
Sweet tea and hydrangeas with zinnias.
Rustic and Refined
A Stroll Thru Life