Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wallpapered Dining Rooms

I have had wallpapered dining rooms on my mind a lot lately.  Online you can find lots of inspiration for a pretty dining room. Wallpaper can bring so much interest into a room and can make a large room more cozy and cohesive.  By using a paper with different colors, you are able to use so many variations of colors on your table that will work so prettily with your papered walls.

A common thread with these dining rooms is a lot of green in the papers used.  That wasn't purposely done but I must admit I am very drawn to green.  Green is a natural color that will work with anything.  Isn't it supposed to the color of the year or something?  Oh well I really love green regardless if it's the special color chosen for the year.

As you go through them notice how the flowers are very pretty but not absolutely necessary as they are in a white dining room.  There’s so much pretty on the walls the flowers don’t need to stand out.


SLC Interiors of Charleston SC


Barry Dixon

Christopher Spitzmiller and decorator Sam Allen’s getaway in New York’s Hudson Valley

Christopher Spitzmiller and decorator Sam Allen’s getaway in New York’s Hudson Valley

Designer Peter Dunham

Designer Peter Dunham


Designer Ashley Whittaker

Bailey McCarthy's Texas Home

Baily McCarthy's Texas Home

Meggie H. Interiors

Meggie H. Interiors with lots of blue that is so popular now.

Cathy Kinkaid Interiors

Cathy Kincaid Interiors


Wonderland Philosophy


Stephanie Kraus Designs

And now my dear readers, I have been staring at so many fabric choices for curtains to go in my dining room.   My first instinct was green but the greens used in fabric today just aren't working well with my paper so I need to be in love with something else.   What color would you pull out?   I would love to know your choice and it would be great to hear from you.



Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Becoming Harder

I was so fortunate to find some really pretty orchids.  I have always seen the white ones but they don't do much for me.  Who wants more white in the winter?!  It really brings the corner to life with the amazing color.  They greet me every morning and put a smile on my face.  I don't know about you but all this heavy use of white and gray is just kind of crazy to me.  Who wants to live in that?  The tulips are holding up well.  I found the dried hydrangeas on Etsy.  Aren't they glorious?!


Here is a perspective I think everyone should hear.  It will be good for your soul to hear.

Another video you need to see before making any assumptions:

A very interesting article here: 

I hope the rest of your week is fantastic!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tablescape with Books

Rainy dreary winter makes me crave substantial colors and tablescapes during the winter.  It's akin to eating soups and stews during this time.  Something that fills the eyes and senses can be a requirement for me during the cold months. Something I love to do is pull out vintage books to meld and bulk up the table together.  Picking up the green color in the tablecloth, I brought out these green vintage books that help build up the table.  Purple goblets pick up the hues in the dinner plates.  Silver sugar and creamer help make the table feel more special.


Violet Wedgewood lunch plates sit atop the larger Wedgwood.


It commemorates the inauguration of George Waf hington at Federal Hall, New York, April 30, 1789. It actually misspells the Washington name.


Edition of 1955 - 56 made expressly for R.H. Macy & Co.









Monday, January 9, 2017

Color Your Home Cozy

It's here, there's no denying it now.  Winter has had its grip on a lot of us the past few days.  The colorless landscape that surrounds us makes me crave color.  I know that for my happiness factor to stay up I need color surrounding me now more than ever.

Many decorate with little color now but if there is a season for it, I would say now is the most important time to decorate with it.  To come home to a home filled with color after being out in cold gloomy weather is akin to coming home to your pets, your family and the smell of food cooking and warmth.  It's an embrace that lifts one soul, one's spirit.




Another painting by my greatgrandmother.  I haven't brought this one out and think it is very appropriate for this time of year.  It's a wintry landscape grouped with roses and paperwhites, the pinecones were from the yard.  Color, texture and emerging life!


Another of her paintings directly above this one. 


Cranberries that were still good and they brought more vitality to the coffee table.


Pull a warm color out, it will perform magic.