Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Colors For The Holidays

Colors for the holidays will be on the minds of many very soon if not already.  Which colors are you leaning to for decorating?  Some colors are good no matter the season, especially in the cooler/cold months of the year.  The reds whether called merlot, burgundy, crimson, ruby and deep plums or purples come to mind for me when thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Pillows with rich deep color can carry you from Fall through the end of February.  After Christmas the house can look bare but leaving the rich colors out instead of packed away will help cozy up your house for those grey cold days of winter.  Avoiding pillows with any writing helps stretch the pillow budget so you can use them for more than one month and it gives your home a more polished look.  Do you have any rich colors you like to carry you through the colder months of the year?

Red and burgundy will be definitely living on the sofas through winter in my home.  The Fall grasses and leaves behind the sofa give a clue that this is an Autumn look.  Dried and fresh roses that coordinate with the pillow colors make it all blend together.



The brass pitcher is picking up tones of the floral pillow.




Layla was there to help me and enjoying the morning sun.






Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Autumn Table of Blue

Autumn table of blue for you today.  Somber serious tones for this time of year are not necessary. Blue goes with everything, just look at the sky!  Brandy snifter holds various red and pink flowers including roses, make up the centerpiece.  Dried roses also sit in the silver tray shared with the brandy snifter.  A blue throw is doubling as the tablecloth and it reinforces the blue theme with the blue and white vases and blue spode dinner plates.

When I began this tablescape I was using a new glass pitcher but decided to try all blue afterwards.












Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall Vignette With Fireplace Cover

The buffet isn't wearing the extra large mirror and has a fireplace cover acting as a backdrop.  Fresh roses, dried roses and dried hydrangeas stand out against this background.  It makes for such a pretty look when it is all brought together.

The concrete cherub is watching over the two fall plates and silver tray.

I bought some pretties for my chandelier and am still working on it.  It looks like it will bring some glamour to this room.

The fireplace cover is made out of fabric attached to cardboard.  I bought it at a garage sale many years ago.  It was $1.00!  That’s right!  I thought it was a super smart way for a cover.  My neighbor renovated a home and styled the house when she was selling it.  She made this and later I saw it at her garage sale.  I used it for a fireplace cover for many years and may use it again.  I love the fabric.  It’s always great when you use things in unexpected ways and they stand out for their beauty.  It’s fun to try different looks.






Tuesday, October 18, 2016

No More Bossy


I always enjoy my red sofas in the Fall and especially the winter.  It definitely gives the room a cozy feeling and look.  However because I live in the Deep South it is hot a long time each year.  The red has been wearing on me, making me hot just to look at it.  They have lived with us for eleven years.  So I have been working on the mister, you know how you have to plant an idea and give them time to come around. 

 Then I started looking at sofas.  I haven't looked in a long while.  The colors that I did find did not appeal to me.  There is a lot of warm colors and I was through with warm after living with red for many years.  The patterned sofas that I did find were not my taste, geometric shapes remind me of being in school and I wasn't a good student in geometry! 

Then I ran across floral fabric and considered having the sofas reupholstered.  However the cost didn't make sense with sofas this age.  If you want a pretty fabric then the designers have them but the price is too pricey for me.  So what to do?


The white sofas were so overdone.  They were everywhere and everyone had one.  Would I want to do that?  Options....what to do?  I ran across a white sofa one day that was dressed with oh so pretty pillows and a throw.  That was it, I was going to go white.  But did I want the upkeep of a white sofa?  Really?  Did I?  I was stuck with indecision and finally I couldn't take it anymore and had to make a decision.


Two white sofas came to live with us just yesterday.  I am excited about how calming they make the room feel and are not bossy like my red sofas were.  The red sofas dictated so much in the room and I didn't realize it.  The white sofas were ordered locally and I am pleased with the style and size, although I have to admit they are very deep and I have to use two pillows behind my back just to sit on them.  But I have family members that think they have to lay completely down on a sofa to watch tv or read.



I have been playing with old pillows and new ones.  I know I have a new obsessive love for them and throws!



On the other side of the living room is its' twin.


But that doesn't mean I don't have red on hand to decorate with!




Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall Peeks Summer Bounty

I know everyone is using Fall touches to their tables now because it's that time of year.  Living in the South means a lot of things, one would be riding down the road and catching glimpses of Fall and then coming home to start cutting a few banana leaves down in your backyard for a Fall (and summerish!)  arrangement.  We have both going on here at the present.   I have a Fall table with summer bounty!  I thought to myself why don't I use what nature is still providing?  So there's the banana leaves and a wisteria vine.  There is also a few leaves from those bushes we have that I can never remember the name of.  I like to turn them backwards to show the gray green side.  It reminds me so much of that green color you get with eucalyptus that is always so pretty with flowers.

Crimson and white duvet cover is the tablecloth.  It is paired with Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz and those cranberry blush thumbprint goblets.  A couple of velvet pumpkins and the green one is wearing a little bling.


Riding through our area there is evidence of Fall everywhere.  You just have to pay attention!