Monday, May 16, 2016

You Felt Thankful

A blogger's job is to photograph something in the best way possible and bring out all the beauty that is there.  It's a great place to go to get ideas for doing something different in your home or to be inspired.  However with the huge amount of blogs and images everywhere it can be overwhelming.  It can make you feel less than enthusiastic about your home.  The role of blogger taught me to appreciate things that I had admittedly, never noticed before.  There is so much beauty all around us everyday but we don't see it.   Taking lots of photos of nature, flowers and my home taught me to be grateful for my home and everything surrounding it.  It made me more thankful for living in an area where we have an early Spring every year (if we don't get blown away by a tornado).  Everything has flaws, that definitely includes my home and yard, but there are certain angles that can be captured by a camera that brings out the beauty.

Usually you see only a part of the picture that is being shown on a blog.  You don't see the things that may have been on the tables that was picked up and put away before the pictures were taken.  You don't see the masses of flowers and produce that were bought to bring the room to life in magazines.  The one thing that always, always brings a room to life is people in it.  I am usually amazed at the difference in the room with someone in it.  You can see the scale much better and the colors used.  And things usually look so much better in person than on a flat screen or photo.

If you aren't feeling real excited about your home, I want you to do something.  Pretend you are throwing a party.  That's right!  You know when you are having company over you have your home looking it's best.  Put that energy into your home but instead of buying extra food go buy some flowers and fruit.  Throw those apples in a large bowl and they will look great in your kitchen or in your family room.  Or you could clip a few green branches from outside and put in a large vase with water.   If you need more color go pull out a quilt or throw and throw it over the corner of your sofa.  Have any books in the house?  Stack a few on the coffee table.  If you have pillows be sure and have them out for color and interest.

This is when you need to start taking photos of the room, now that you perked it up.  Take lots and lots of photos!   Take them in the daytime.  You need as much natural light as possible to get the prettiest pictures.  Get out your cell phone or camera and take pictures of your house with it looking it's best.  Take a lot of pictures.  I want you to enjoy this.  Then when you don't feel so good about what you have, go look at your photos.  When you look back at your photos I hope it brings back that sense of pride that you felt when you took the photo.  It's wonderful to appreciate what you have right now.  If your photos don't come out perfect that's okay, because you know how it felt when you were taking them.  You felt thankful.  You did not care about what someone else has or what the latest trend is.  You will feel contentment.  It does take practice.  The more you do it, the more your eyes will open up and you will be excited by what you see!





My twin blog, is locking up so today we are enjoying!



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