Sunday, May 29, 2016

Kate Forman

"Moving from London to the country was a spur of the moment decision for Kate and Jake Forman. A Sunday lunch party in Hampshire, turned out to be the impetus which set changes in motion." “We arrived at this pretty little Georgian farmhouse – idyllically set in fields of wild flowers and ripe corn. I remember thinking how really perfect it was.”

Kate also noticed excitement written on the faces of their host and hostess. “They explained they had just signed a deal on a house to buy nearby. They were so happy. So who’s moving in to rent this gorgeous house - I thought to myself. Hang on. I think it might be me.”

"Kate Forman is now an established brand, distinctive and timeless. Her versatile and relaxed designs are used in many of today's modern interiors across the world."

Kate Forman is not new to design but her continuing pretty fabrics keep her fresh and always one to count on for a harmonious look.  I got lost in the beauty of the colors used on Kate's site as she has so many colorful options that sing to my heart.  Do this room catch your attention?  It certainly made me notice.  Living in a time where many homes are washed in neutrals, Kate brings color that warms and cheers the home's disposition.

How could anyone resist such a pretty look!  The blue of the walls and the red fabric on the table bring this room to life.  This is the Red Thelma tablecloth.  The wall color is repeated in accessories.

Pretty color on the furniture is picked up in the curtains.

Pink Ticking Sofa

A different stripe here.

Lots of blue choices....




Red Josephine Sofa

Knoll sofa, like the one we saw on Downton Abbey, but much more comfortable I am sure.  The color is red, but it is a pinky red.  This sofa would look really good in my living room.  One can dream....

You need so little else when you bring in such beautiful color.
velvet wing

Strong wall color pairs so prettily with the window treatment and chair fabrics.

I  have shared with you the colors I am so drawn to but there are many more to see on Kate's site.  I received no compensation for this post.

Red Josephine curtains
You can visit Kate at her site here.

Vintage photos....

But oh so beautiful!


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