Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Southern Table

I hope you are doing good today, honey!  Come here, I'm gonna hug your neck!  There is a pretty table outside for us.  Come on back and have a seat on the porch, I will bring our tea out.  Supper will be ready soon.  I have been 'fixin' some fried chicken livers, potato salad and squash and they are almost ready.  There's coconut cake for dessert.


Facebook is a lot like beauty shops or at least the way beauty shops used to be.  You can read your locals discussing other locals or the past.  It can be such an interesting read.  No doubt that Southerners have their of characters.  This is one conversation that 'could have' taken place.


"My story with Mr. Sam Johnson comes from back in the day when I had a little videotaping business.  Rachael Rayborn asked me to film the outside of some of the homes that were on the Tour of Homes (the annual Tour of Homes was a very important event and you could not miss it) for that year. The last home on my list was the Sam Johnson house. But the address was listed as South Washington.


As I drove around I could not find that address on South Washington. In fact South Washington just ran into a dead end.


As I drove down South Randell Street, I saw Mr Sam in the yard with a couple of fellows that were doing yard work. I stopped and asked if he could direct me to Mr. Sam Johnson's house. He said " I am Sam Johnson and this is my house."



I told him that I was pleased to meet him and that my list had the wrong address.


He said " No, that's the right address. I lived here with my two sisters and my sister never liked living on Randell Street so she just changed it to Washington Street."


"He said that the post office always delivered their mail even though his sister had changed the address on her own."


"I've always thought that was the most amazing story. I'll never forget him."


True Southern characters!




  1. Lovely table! I might be related to those "characters:, you never know! Great story!

  2. I can for sure see that happening in the little town where I raised my kiddos :^) It didn't have any street names when we lived there....you had to use landmarks to give directions :^)
    I love your pretty dishes. I have some similar ones...maybe I should get them out to use this summer!

    1. Oh, isn't that something?! We still use landmarks around here sometimes. Usually the landmark isn't there anymore and it becomes "Turn left at where the old Coke plant was." Thanks for the visit and comments Jaybird!