Friday, October 23, 2015

Walk In Nature

Hello!  Recently I read an article that stated when you are feeling frustrated you might want to go for a walk outside.  According to the article a walk in nature can improve your emotional health.  Being outside with nature changes the way the brain works and puts you in a better mood.  To top it off it can make you feel younger! 
They found that that people were much happier after walking around trees instead of traffic.  The more trees in your neighborhood the happier you become.  So happy that you feel as if you have been given a nice raise of $10,000 and  years younger!
 I think most of us know that after being cooped up indoors you need to be around nature.  It's amazing how much better you feel after just getting in your car and riding and seeing nature if you don't have it in your backyard.

It's great if you can get away from "people noise" and be free to enjoy the colors and smells of nature.
 I know I get excited in the early Spring when the trees are putting on their leaves.  Winter can be hard for some people.  I know I really miss the sunlight.

 We are fortunate that our winters are short comparably with others.
We have a lot of pine trees so we still have a lot of green in the winter.
 We usually have some very pretty days in winter where it's chilly but the sun is bright.
 Actually I love sunny cold days.
 So the key is nature.  It always has been.
 Nature with lots of trees.
 You can't beat Fall with any other season.
 The trees are on fire with color if we are lucky.
 We get more gold here than red, I have noticed.
 One of many in my front yard.
 This was a couple of years ago when our Fall colors were vivid.
 Rainy days in early Winter make us feel cozy inside.
 The cold days can make us feel energized and playful.  Almost child like.


  1. Beautiful pictures for sure!! We are surely looking forward to those cold clear days you mentioned!
    Today it is POURing down rain....everything was SO dry, so now it is all flooded!! Can't win for loosing :^)
    Have a great weekend, and blessings to you,

    1. Thanks J! So you're the one who took the rain! We have a burn ban it so dry here. You have a fun weekend! Thanks for coming by!

  2. Jan,
    Your photos are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!!
    Almost, thous doest tempt me,dear friend!!!
    With allergies to grasses, trees and insects. . .
    I'll just view them from the safe refuse of my double patio doors!!!

    1. Thank you Pat! It's a rainy day here so I am viewing from the inside as well!

  3. Beautiful photographs, and you're surrounded by a beautiful area!!! I love your post and it has reminded me to start walking outdoors...mornings are nice and cool...I have no excuses!!! It certainly makes me feel so much better afterwards.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

    1. Thank you Oliva! I need to as excuses...maybe I will start walking after the rain subsides!