Monday, October 12, 2015

Plumes Please!

I shared these pretty plumes I came across on my prior post.  The  mister went into the woods edge and cut a few for me.  He kept asking me how much?  I said all you will cut!  He was covered in begger's lice when he came out.  This was on my sister's property so no we weren't trespassing!

I am so glad he granted my wish.

I cut them and brought them inside and have a fall look happening!

It came out very tall and striking, I was pleasantly surprised.

First I had to figure out the best spot to photograph, not here.

Not here either...

Better, let's see...

Yes!  They even  go with my wallpaper. : )

I sprayed them with bug spray on the back porch and let them sit in a big vase, full of water, outside overnight.  I haven't been eaten up by any bugs so it worked.  I trimmed the length otherwise it would be out of control.  The plumes go well with those lavender fall like hydrangeas.

Now it's on the back porch!  It has 'bloomed' out and I didn't want to take chances with it inside.  Oh well!



  1. I love the plumes AND the wallpaper!

    1. Thank you Ninny! I am still a little excited about it. : )

  2. Looks very pretty! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!