Thursday, April 30, 2015

Table of White

Hey!  How are ya'll?

I have some pretty blooming branches to you to see.  They smell so good and are so pretty in a big vase.  I had the table all set up and I thought oh boy!  this is going to be special!  Well...I didn't think about my beautiful branches blending in with the trees.  But that was okay!  So I brought the huge vase of flowers into the living room.  I tried them behind a sofa but that wasn't going to work.  Then I tried them on a table beside the other sofa.  That didn't work...


By now I was so hot.  It was really a humid today and oh goodness, do you feel gross when you get sweaty in your clothes and makeup?  My face was sweating so bad that all my makeup was running into my eyes.  I could have scared someone if they saw me!   So anyway, I had been hauling these flowers everywhere determined to come up with something.

So I just go back to the table outside.  Yep, right where I started!  But then I pulled the table over in front of the back double windows of the living room.  Then I started taking more photos and I think they came out pretty.  It's a different look.

These privets are blooming everywhere!


A vintage look for this table of white.

They said I had flowers in my hair.  I said it's proof I am a blooming idiot!  Just a joke!




  1. Beautiful table Jan, sorry you had to work so hard for it! lol It looks great!

  2. Thank you Gina! I appreciate your sweet comments!