Thursday, April 23, 2015

Grits From A Box

Hey!  Come on in!  I have the table set in the living room.  I have furniture on the back porch drying so there’s no room for our table out there.  But we have a good view through the windows.  I brought some more fresh clippings from the yard for the table.

All roses this time!
I have been craving a brunch.  This brunch will have yummy breakfast food.  So today we will have bacon, biscuits, eggs and grits.  Orange juice, sweet tea and coffee if you so desire.
I love grits with butter.  I know the butter isn’t the healthiest but it tastes so good.  I have to admit I just make them from a box.  I never learned the “real way” of making them.
Sorting it out, putting away books before you arrive.  I love the early mornings, seeing the sun come up.  That’s the prettiest time of the day.  The day is so fresh and it’s full of possibilities.
The mister is really wanting me to paint a chest of drawers we have.  I like the color, it’s a dark green and still looks fine with me.  I don’t know what other color I would want it.  It lives in the living room and has gotten along with everything I bring in there.  I think he just likes to rattle me!
It is sentimental to me because it was my grandparents.  When we got married I painted it turquoise and white.  It was a disaster!  Oh my goodness!  It was such a bright and loud turquoise, it was hideous!  My poor grandmother saw it too and didn’t say a word.  She must have been horrified.  I think it stayed ugly a long time.

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  1. Oh yum!!! Thank you so much for the invitation to your lovely home. We like to eat your brunch meal for supper too!! Last night it was pancakes and sausage...then sweet hubby sat in his recliner and groaned and princess Posie cat sat in his lap and groaned....I think they ate too much :^)
    Be blessed,