Monday, April 13, 2015

Slim's Conservatory

I have a special treat for ya’ll today!  I am so excited to share blogger Slim Paley’s conservatory with you.   Let me start by saying there isn’t another blog like this!  She is a world traveler, going places one never dares to dream of going.  Slim shares her photographs from her frequent travels, fashion and design.  She has two beautiful homes.  Her name is Carolyn Espy- Miller.

One reason I wanted to showcase her conservatory is how she dressed her two white sofas.  I have seen white sofas for quite a while that aren’t dressed.  Dressed is my term for bringing pretty to the sofa, bringing in colors and patterns that say yes a woman lives here and look how pretty this room is!

Slim was inspired by the colors and textures of Morocco, along with her fondness for lively Sri Lanka.  Her conservatory couldn’t be a better backdrop for her two sofas.  I love the color and pattern she has brought in.   Slim wrote “vintage Suzanis in hot pinks & purples served as my colour wheel.”

Slim did a “36 hour” makeover in her conservatory.  She wrote it started with a large antique lantern that she bought in London “eons ago.”  For the whole story you must visit her at Slim Paley.

Striped dhurrie rug brings in more color and pattern.

Very often the colors that you will be drawn to will be flattering to your skin tone.  You may not realize it but we are often naturally drawn to colors that we look best in.

The silver tray was from one of her travels.

Roses grown in her yard.

I love the styling on her ottoman.  The big pink bottle with her roses and green candleholders all sit on the silver tray.  It’s pretty and feminine.

She isn’t shy with her color choices.  She has an all white room and she brought it to life with her color and pattern.  It’s always about the color and pattern, if you do that right, you will have a beautiful room.

Found here on Slim Paley.  I hope you enjoyed seeing Slim’s talent bringing in such pretty details.  That’s what it’s about, it’s the pretty details!


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