Saturday, March 14, 2015

One Year Old!

Hello!  How are you?  I am sharing one of my first posts with you today. I have reached the one year mark with my blog!  In one way it seems like I have been blogging a lot longer and in another way it seems like I am still brand new at this.  I do know I still have so much to learn.   If nothing else, I think I was very enthusiastic when I began blogging!  I thought the bigger the better with my photos.  They aren’t all huge now!

I have some ideas I have been thinking through that I would like to pursue with decorating my house.  I have to mention it to the mister and then just wait.  You see he has to have time to adjust to the idea of it.  Any of you ladies have a husband like that?  So far he is not on board but that’s okay, I can be patient when I have to.  Since he will probably be doing a lot of the ‘work’ I need him to think it’s a great idea!

The sun finally came out today.  It feels like it’s really Spring now.


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