Thursday, March 26, 2015

Decorating With White

White certainly is popular in home decorating and has been for some time now.  I do think it is a pretty backdrop for other patterns and colors to show much prettier.

Many books out there showing how to repurpose Grandma’s curtains with a neutral sofa and walls.

I do think if you have a room with plenty of natural light a white is pretty.

This book showing creamy white walls with white sofas and very light rug.  The curtains are a floral as was the other photo.  This room has very high ceilings.  I wonder why the curtains weren’t brought up to the ceiling.  Perhaps it's because the ceilings are already so tall that having the curtains mounted at the windows beings down the ceiling a bit to make it feel a little more cozy.  Throws with color and pattern would look pretty on the back of the sofas along with pillows that have rich colors.  Otherwise it can look a little cold and blah.

I really enjoy the white on the sofas in the Spring/Summer that lasts so long in the south.  But my dogs don’t understand.  They can only get on a sofa if I have a throw on there for them.  They think I have one huge one on there for them!

A lot of solid decorating out there.  I have tried to decorate with solid on my sofas before and it drove me crazy.  It needed pattern to me!

There’s so many looks for the dining table and chairs now.  There is a lot of mixing painted pieces with wood.  I do seriously like this table but the chairs appear a little too short to me.

Many dining rooms are much less formal now.

Some rooms being shown have so very little color.

Lack of color is so depressing to me.  It’s as if we are living in black and white!   If it pleases you then that’s great.  Color is just too important to me!


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