Sunday, January 4, 2015

Black and White Floors

Hey!  How are you?  Have you put away all your Christmas decorations?  It is looking very much like winter now and I am enjoying the coziness of indoors. I miss hearing from ya'll and have been looking forward to posting.

 I find that there is a rhythm with blogging.  When you step away from it for a little while it can be either "I can't wait to get back because I have a lot to share" or "what in the world am I going to blog about today?!"

However I have had this topic on my mind for some time.  Black and white floors.  Do you love them or leave them?  I would love to hear your opinion.  Don't hold back!

First off I will share my black and white floor in my dining room.  Actually my kitchen and dining are one big room.  This was a photo I took several months ago. Since it's dreary outside I don't think I can get a recent and decent photo so this will have to do!

Veranda ~  Robert Couturier's Country House

Veranda Robert Courturiers Connecticut Library

Jane Elsworth Interiors


Veranda Julie Hayes Design

Pat King  Country Living

P. Allen Smith City Home

Mark Maresca in Southern Accents

Mario Buatta

Brick Somanto Interiors

Cote de Texas Branca



  1. I love black and white floors!!! I love black anything!! With those floors, there is really no need for rugs:)

    1. Hey Ms Anna! Thanks for stopping by! I agree, when you have that B&W going on you don't have to have a rug.