Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dining with Lady Mary

Carlton has left and the staff has gone completely mad. There simply isn’t anyone available when needed.

 Bear with me today, I do have a few pretties to share but the presentation is dreadful.

The tablecloth is not ironed. I certainly never dreamed that this would happen here.  Edith, as usual, is of no use.  Grandmama will be sick at the sight.

Well on with it.

The staff leave tags on all our dishes.  They are incompetent and have to be able to read exactly what dish is used for what food item or flowers as it were.  When I marry again this will simply not happen.

I understand that this is a black mark on my reputation but one must decide if things of this nature must take a backseat when I have very important duties placed upon me which include deciding what grain we will grow in the next season.  Now I am going upstairs to take off my hat.

Mary (Jan)


  1. I love to visit your blog....I never know what I will find and I am always entertained!!!
    Happy new year to you, my year 'round source for red inspiration!

    1. Oh ~ you are so sweet to say! Thank you!