Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lady Mary's Gone, I'm Back!

Hey!  How are you?  I hope you enjoy Lady Mary's "visit".  She can be a little distant and cold but I am sure she means well.

So the mister surprised me Christmas and I was the blessed 'girl' to receive a newish coffee table.  I am very happy with his surprise!  The round coffee tables have been calling my name for a good while now and I just resisted.  But secretly I have been lusting over them and hoped eventually to claim one as my own.

While Lady Mary was visiting my home I took a few photos, so you can see the living room/family room with my newish table.

With the arrival of really cold weather I rearranged the living room.  I placed this sofa in front of the double windows.  Yes, that's the fireplace cover sitting in the corner!  I haven't found a place for it to live this winter.  Actually I like it over the fireplace most of the time if we don't have a fire so it's handy for it to stay in here unless I am taking photos of the room. 

Lady Mary was cussing up a storm while setting up the coffee table.  I am glad you didn't hear her.  She was quite upset here.

You can see the legs of the table which I really like.  It's amazing how comfortable it makes the room feel.  No sharp edges in here now.

I usually have it arranged like this except for the Winter when it feels cozier to move furniture in a little different way.
This is the offending coffee table.  I still like it but it has seen plenty of use.   My sofa is placed and used in this corner most of the time.  It gives us more room and is good for conversation.

The living room can be difficult to take photos of because it is a long room.  The other red sofa now faces the fireplace with the round table in front of it.  My Marsala colored chair and a olive green chair sit to the left of the sofa there.  The rocker stays close to the fireplace. 

I talk a lot about color.  Did you know you can use several shades of one color in the same room?  Let's take red, for example.  I have at least seven, yes seven, shades of red in this room.  We are all guilty of "Does this match"?  Stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it! 

Okay, let's start with the foundation of the room.  That would be the two red sofas.  They are one shade of red.  Then number two is my tablecloth by the fireplace.  That's a different shade of red.  Number three are the curtains.  I have two sets of curtains on each window for insulation.  So I have the solid red and it's a different red than the other two.  On top are the floral curtains with another shade.  Oh my goodness, even my Marsala chair is reddish in here.  Where are we now?  Do you see you don't have to match your colors.  It works here because I have so many versions of red.  The trick is bringing in several shades of the one color.  I do have warm reds and cool reds in here.  The room is big enough to have both warm and cool and it works.

This is how I hope to leave it for the Winter. 

When Spring comes and then Summer, it's very hard to leave the sofa sitting in front of the double windows.  We have woods next to us and there's always something going on back there.  The mister really loves to watch the birds and it's almost impossible to with the sofa like this.  That's when I push it into the corner where the fireplace cover is.  It makes for a good conversation cluster like that.

So now I think okay, I have got it done for the Winter.  But guess what?  The mister says we are keeping the offending square coffee table and he's sanding it down outside as we speak.  Aaaauugh!  Where am I going to put it??



  1. hey....those are my famous last words...."where am I gonna' put it???"
    I love your new table, so I am useless about the old one.... You will find a place though...little tables can be slipped in most anywhere, OR as I did....pad out the top of it, cover it and call it a bench :^)

    1. Jaybird ~ How did I miss your comment?! So sorry! Now that is an idea. Pad it and call it a bench. Hmmm......will have to think about that. Thanks!