Monday, June 16, 2014

Bacon Please!


Today I am going to ‘talk’ to you as if you were here in my kitchen ~ I think it will be fun!  A little me mixed with an older, more country, southern woman.
This is a bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise supper with fried green tomatoes on the side.  I have been thinking about a BLT since I started this post so just maybe I can eat one for supper

Ya’ll grab you a plate and fix it the way you want.  Everything’s set up on the island.  Fix your own plate.  Sweet tea or coke.  We got them both.

Now kids ya’ll be sure and dry off before you come in.  Don’t get the floor soaking wet or you will fall.  These floors are slick when wet.  Oh I know that water feels good today!

These tomatoes are fixin to be ready..ya’ll come on and get you some fore they get cold.

Did ya’ll hear me?  Eat your those tomatoes first before they get cold.  They ain’t no good cold.

I need a coke.  Sometimes when I really get hot, nothing is as good as a coke.

Ya’ll hold up…we have to bless the food.

Oh I forgot the paper towels..would you bring them to the table?

Yum…I think I will be eating two of these.

Lindsey ~ why don’t you run to the market basket and get us a pretty watermelon for later.

I taped the stories so we can watch them later. (Some older ladies call soap operas, ‘stories’)

You know your daddy is asleep, just listen to that tv.  It’s as loud as it will go and he ain’t muting it on the commercials.  O’Reilly put him asleep again.



Savvy Southern Style


  1. If you don't mind I think I will have me some more of those fried green tomatoes before we sit down and watch the stories on the TV. You know those plates are looking just to pretty for BLT's. They are needing something a bit more elegant, you know like a nice stuffed pork chop or something. Well I got to be a going, I got a lot more stops to be making today, but it sure was fun stopping in. I really enjoyed those maters, they tasted just like my momma's. You all have a good day now, ya hear.

    1. You come back any time Candy! I enjoyed your company! Next time we will have fried chicken.

  2. I like to have a little slice of pie while we watch the stories. :) Cute post!