Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tub of Shells

 The Rose of Sharon is looking pretty in the yard and I cut a few stems off for the vignette.  The pitcher came with some fresh flowers from the florist a long time ago.



I have had this fabric tucked away for some time now.  It goes with the fresh cut flowers so well, don't you think?


You can really see here how the fabric and real flowers go so well with each other.


 My husband's mother gave this to me along time ago.  I love it and usually have it inside the bathroom with the shells in it.  I believe you could call this vintage, does anybody remember these tubs?

 I brought out the big green bowl to give the little tub needed height.

 I love flower buds!  I think I almost like them as much as the flowers.

But then I thought why not try another look inside.  So I took it apart and brought it inside.

I changed out the pitcher to this green vase and added a few green books.

I know I have shared a lot of vignettes here.  It just is so much more dramatic here!



  1. Love your vignettes! I had a Rose of Sharon this color at a previous house. My current home has one, but the flowers are white with dark pink centers. So lovely.

    1. That sounds so pretty. I may have to plant a few more.