Sunday, March 23, 2014



Do you have days that you are drawn to a certain color?  I do!  When my daughter was very young I would dress her in the same color I was wearing but not on purpose.  I usually didn't notice until the end of the day.  I guess it would be called a subconscious choice.  Color is so important, it can affect your mood.  Blue is a very calming color.  Have you ever noticed when you have been shut indoors a long time you get what I call sky hungry.  You actually need to see the sky.  The blue lifts you and is very reassuring.

Purple is the color for royalty.  I don't know about that but I love seeing purple and green together, I just swoon over it.  I read where it is rare in nature.  I suppose it is compared to other colors.  But it won't be long before the azaleas and wisteria are a glorious purple.


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