Sunday, March 30, 2014








I just couldn't wait.  I know it's a little early for the wisteria as they aren't completely  into full bloom but they are so pretty now and against that blue sky, wow! Everything is greening up and looking so lush outside.  It's funny how you forget just how green nature is every winter.  I know I really miss the color  in winter but I forget how intense the colors are.  Then Spring comes bursting out and it makes everything so alive!  It's hard to stay inside when it's this pretty.

I finally got a header for the blog!  Hip hip hooray!!  Now I'm looking more official!  Thanks go to my offspring! Sometimes you just have to remind them of those labor pains you went through for them and they will do anything you ask as long as they don't have to hear anymore!

Have a beautiful week!





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  1. WOWZA!!!!!!!!!! These are my all time favorite pictures!!!! I guess I need to do more purple in my house~it's just gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. Hey Anna! So you are digging the purple?! Thank you girl! You are so sweet, I appreciate it!