Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's a Bird


It seems I like decorating around birds...wasn't really aware of it until I went through some photos I have taken around the house.  I think we are all drawn to certain things for our homes.  It's a certain look we find ourselves drawn to over and over and probably don't recognize it.  That can be especially true with color.  Maybe you have neutral walls but you find you consistently are drawn to the same color in your clothes.  This says a lot about what colors you are naturally drawn to and usually look great wearing.  This is certainly a cue as to decorating with colors you won't get tired of.  You want them to be easy to live with but not boring.  Of course boring to one person may be perfect for another.  I love seeing yellow in someone else's home.  But I can't live with gives me the heebie jeebies!  Nervous Nellie!!  I can't imagine gray walls in my living room but my sister has them and they are beautiful.  Of course she gets strong afternoon light and I don't. I have seen beautiful homes with neutral wall color but they weren't afraid to bring in the color with their furnishings.

Of course the bird "look" here is in my colors.  The colors I always am drawn to.  For me that's blues, greens, reds and even a little purple.


This first photo is the wallpaper I have in my kitchen and dining area.  What's that about wallpaper went out?  Oh it's in style again?!  Ok, well we've been together twenty years now.  Did I go through a time that I was tired of it?  Yes, it was invisible to me.  But thank goodness I didn't do anything to it.  It has all the colors I naturally am drawn to and is a great launching point to decorate from.




Even during Christmas the birds got in on the action.  In this photo I forgot to take the price tag off but the bird didn't mind!

Christmas red tag bird

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