Thursday, March 20, 2014

Can we talk rugs?

The last time I seriously was looking for a rug was in 1988, I think.  Well besides the one I bought to go under our table in 1994.  So I haven't had to think about rugs.  Actually I was clueless about rug buying and didn't know it.  You see there are rules for rugs in your home.  It is stated that the best most cohesive look is one where all of your furniture sits on top of the rug.  I am just talking about in your living room/family room.  If you put the front legs of your sofa on the rug then all of your furniture should have the front two legs on the rug as well.  Another way is to have none of your furniture on it, except for the coffee table.  Another rule is you can have more than one rug in your room if, I assume, the biggest is treated as the most important and all the other rugs have very similar colors.  Also you should have eighteen inches of bare floor showing around the perimeter of your room.  Then there are varying ways that are acceptable including having two identical rugs in the room if you have two distinct sitting areas.  I think the number one rule is you don't want to go too little. Be consistent, if you do it on one side reflect that on the other.  IMG_2797IMG_2792IMG_2810IMG_2809 The rug should extend past your sofa in width by 6" to 10" on each side.

And it goes on and on....but really most of it makes perfect sense and is a good guide!  I just didn't bother to look any of this up until after I ordered my rugs!  We measured our sitting area as it was and figured that would be a common sense approach.  But then when I went looking at wool rugs at that measurement I was shocked! The prices were out of this world!  So what to do....what to do...I went down in size.  Yes, I went down from the biggest rug which wouldn't have been big enough to the next size down.   I ordered TWO of the next size down, and I think it worked like a charm.  The two rugs side by side read as one large one, which gives me much more coverage and was cheaper than the one larger one.

I haven't measured to see if it is eighteen inches around the perimeter but I'm pretty sure I broke that rule.  We have swivel rockers that probably wouldn't have done well on the rugs, and I never read where it was okay to do it this way but sometimes rules are made to be broken!


By the way my couch isn't orangey red, the silly lamp makes it look that way!

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  1. Well first things first here!!! Your rug(s) look gorgeous!!! I know you are going to enjoy them:) The floors are beautiful too!! And after reading all of these rules about rugs, I guess I need to start over in my den LOL!! I will admit that I did follow some of the rules. One of my pet peeves is that all furniture must have at least the front legs on the rug, so all of my furniture has at least the front legs on the rug.

    p.s. My favorite part of your den is your models:):):) Precious!!!

  2. Thanks Anna! I have to admit that I am not totally decided on the rugs yet. I want to live with them a few days. We are happy with the floors and yes I have some knockout models don't I?!!!