Monday, March 17, 2014

A Matter of Perspective

flowerswhitetableflowerspinksweaterMost things in life are a matter of perspective.  The simple everyday things we encounter and the heavy duty changes in our lives.  Luckily for me this is not a serious matter.  But I still have butterflies in my stomach!

So we are losing the carpet.  We have been big time carpet people for almost twenty years. It was luxury, it was absolute comfort.  The room felt huge because after all the whole room was usable.  You could crawl on the floor with your baby all around the floor and it was super cushy.  I was never going back, this was it, I was a carpet lady forever.  Never would I have anything but carpet in my house. Then slowly the trend started changing to various looks, there is wood again and of course the wood laminate.  Brick, tile and scored concrete are very handsome. The trend for carpet has certainly been gone for a long while, yet we stubbornly held on.

I grew up with the wood floors and never found them to be something I would look forward to having as an adult. I remember as a child getting up in the morning in the winters in my gown and the floors being cold.  We also had the gas heater in the wall back then.  There was a lot of competition on who was going to get their butt fully warmed in the morning. There was always two butts and a lot of the time a third butt belonging to my older sister as well competing for the heat.   We usually almost scorched our gowns trying to get warm. A neighbor 'friend' was quick to inform us we were poor because we had wood floors and she had carpet. Shag carpet if I remember accurately.

Then, after marriage we usually lived in homes with wood floors. I never was a big fan, always looking for the rug to be cozy. Although the wood floors were pretty to look at they weren't cozy and that was what I was all about. So we lived with our cushy carpet and played hide and seek with our toddler. That cushy carpet was the foundation of many games played over her childhood. Then my husband declared we needed to say goodbye to the carpet era. I clung to the carpet as my husband forced me to make a decision about it. Let's change it now before she graduates from college. So with butterflies in my stomach, I said okay. Today, the men are here taking away my cushy carpet that once had a little girl doing cartwheels on it.


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  2. ummmmmmm welllllll....I still have the carpet.....don't tell your husband how backward we are over here in Texas. Just for the record, we now have GREAT grands to crawl around on that carpet with....and it's still fun, just a bit harder to get up :^)
    Your floors and the beautiful blue rugs are awesome though!!

  3. Jaybird ~ You are a wise one to have carpet with the kids running and crawling around! I have to say I miss the luxury of that. Thank you for your compliments on the flooring!