Sunday, March 9, 2014

We Got The Blues!

IMG_2283 IMG_2343 IMG_2349

How are ya'll doing? We saw some beautiful sunshine today! It felt great to be outside. Since I didn't know if we would have sunshine tomorrow I took a few extra pics today ( I ran around the yard all day in my gown trying to get as many as I could while the sun was out!). Thank goodness the neighbors can't see me running around in all my natural glory!! I would have scared the hell out of the meter man had he come by today!

All kidding aside, we got down with the blues...light blues....dark blues...Blues!



  1. Got the Blues, all color of Blues!

  2. Love love all of them!! You make me want to add blue to my house Jan!!

  3. Thank you Anna! I am working on you with the blue, everybody needs a little in their home!!

  4. Well I do have blue in my bedroom:)

  5. You most certainly do! How could I forget?! It is gorgeous!