Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gallery Walls Or Not

I thought we could look at a few gallery walls and walls that wouldn't be considered totally gallery but impressive just the same.  Okay?  Okay!

two story gallery walls

Madresfield Court -  Madresfield Court is a Grade I country house in England, in the village of Madresfield near Malvern in Worcestershire.[1] The stately home, near the village centre, has been the ancestral home for several centuries of the Lygon family, whose eldest sons took the title of Earl Beauchamp from 1815 until 1979, when the last Earl died. Distinguished collections of furniture, art, and porcelain are housed at Madresfield, which was rated by Sir Simon Jenkins among the 50 best in his book on 1,000 historic houses.[2]

The house is managed by the Elmley Foundation, a British registered charity.[3]  Found on Wikipedia here.

Thank goodness we don't have to work this hard to have a gallery wall!    There is so much interest in gallery walls now and I love them when they are done tastefully.  You don't have to spend a lot but it doesn't hurt for it to look like you did. ;)  If you want a look that stands the test of time you will find a common thread through many successful gallery walls. They include landscapes, animals, botanicals, ancestry, and collections.

Doesn't the blue look so rich with the gold framed art against it?!  The mirror is special and the little touches of red help it pop even more.

Randal Dawkins/Apartment Therapy seen here.

Country Living

Alexa Hampton ~ Beautiful grouping of art.

Very nice wall of animals in the artwork.


Cullman & Kravis seen here.  Beautiful large photos on their site.

Habitually Chic as seen here.  This apartment is an adventure, be sure to check it out!

This reminds me of a gallery wall.  The deep color and shelves act as an anchor and the books and ornamentals acts as a grouping.  I love that the tv disappears.

grand staircase

Gary Riggs2
Gary Riggs

House Beautiful
House Beautiful

Beautiful landscapes

Gary Riggs
Gary Riggs

Chatsworth, Derbyshire, of The Dukes of Devonshire
Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, of The Dukes of Devonshire

Now this is a very interesting slideshow that you may want to see.  Two different apartments with the same square footage.  They are decorated so differently.  Do you prefer his or hers??!

His and Hers - Slide Show - NY  seen here.

Bathrooms can be a great place for hanging art.  Just try to keep the moisture down or hang copies of prints so there is no worry of damage.

Ben Pentreath's bathroom
Ben Pentreath

Fran Keenan/Southern Living

This kitchen doesn't have a whole gallery wall but I thought this photo was a nice image showing a hint of a gallery look that works so well in this kitchen.

Kathy Delgado's kitchen on kichen.com seen here.

But if you really like drama....

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren seen here.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

What's In ~ What's Out

On December 29, 2015, the Wall Street Journal ran an article online Top Five Interior Design Trends for 2016.  The article is here. 

Here is an excerpt:

Wall Street Journal ~  Top Five Interior Design Trends for 2016.

What’s in for 2016


"People want the traditional and dressy, with a shot of nostalgia, to feel like everything is going to be okay," said Toby Fairley based in Little Rock, Arkansas.  In 2016,  look for brocades, tapestries and Georgian and Empire antiques.  Fringe, cording and tassels soften the austerity of modern upholstery noted  Kirill Istomin, who has offices in Moscow and New York.  Expect, too, dramatic drapes.  "Rooms without curtains are like a man in a suit without shoes," said Kathyrn M. Ireland, British designer.

What’s Out for 2016


Joe Lucas of Lucas Studio in Los Angeles considers “industrial chic” an oxymoron. “Enough of looking like we are living in the garage,” he declared. The style has become a signifier of millennial-coffeehouse design, said Mr. Brown, who maintains a design practice in New York. “I’m all for reduce and reuse, but I would prefer not to drink out of another Mason jar in a barn in Brooklyn.” New York designer Julia Haney-Montanez takes the oversaturation personally: “I have ended friendships with people asking me for Edison lightbulb resources.”


Of these two types of fiber rugs, sisals are the tougher but also the rougher. “They don’t feel soft or cushy on bare feet and are not very child- or pet-friendly,” said Mr. Corrigan. And jute lacks durability, said New York designer Philip Gorrivan. “It wears quickly, stains easily and is virtually un-cleanable.” Its worst offense? Ubiquity. “When you can get a rug for $140 at mainstream stores,” said Birmingham, Mich., designer Corey Damen Jenkins, “the trend has overstayed its welcome.”

What's your opinion on this?  Do you think sisal and jute are on the way out?  What about industrial chic?  Are you a fan?  Brocades and tapestries a look you like?  What about dramatic drapes?

~ And on to other news, on the mantel, what's out are the plates I shared on my last post on my mantel.  What's in ~ are my new to me vintage plates!







Plate Love

I don't know when it happened.  What I really mean is I don't know why it took so long to happen.  I was in a store with a lot of vintage things.  You know the type, a lot of old junk with a few treasures mixed in.  While I was content in finding not one thing I wanted, that's what I do a lot, I go in a shop and usually leave empty handed.  I know a lot of you are saying what is fun about that?   It actually has made me grateful!  If you have to hunt for something pretty to bring home it makes you very thankful that you were shopping when there was a lot more pretty to buy!  Well, I look for something I am totally in love with and it has to sing and dance for me to bring it home.  It has to make me want to break out in full operatic song.  Yes, it has to be that good!   So I am aiming toward the exit door and I see that first green plate with the leaves on it.  You know this one I am always showing you.

Does this look familiar?

Well, I was addicted immediately.  The only problem is I can't find it in the same colors. It seems it comes in different colors and they aren't what I am looking for.  Now I find myself running from color to color and plate to plate trying to find that one plate design that is "The One"!  It isn't easy being on this quest.

I have been busy trying different plates on the wall as you all know and haven't found the 'just right' fit yet.  I have been looking at majolica plates but they are usually a darker green which doesn't always show well on my green walls.   It can also be pricey.  It would be smart to just start collecting one at a time until I have a decent collection to display if I could find the colors I want.

Many love to do tablescapes with their pretty plates and that is nice and can be beautiful with the right flowers.  But I like vignettes and wallscapes the most.  So we will take the plates off  the wall to eat, what's wrong with that?!
Let's admire!

Who needs wallpaper?!

Beautiful Interiors ~ Lisa Luby Ryan seen here.

I love this look with plates used in the 'dead space' above the windows.

plates above curtains
Cote de Texas here.

Green and white majolica!  What a striking display!

One King's Lane

Yes, yes, yes!

Seen on Tory Burch here.

HGTV ~ Green plates against those sunny yellow walls and art in the mix as well.

There's lots of yellow in this wallscape.

marthamomentsblogspot.com here.

I love how these next rooms were not done in a masculine vibe as a lot of new decorating does.  A very dramatic wall behind the sofa.  Large center mirror with green majolica plates surrounding in groups of three.  The green is used throughout the room in the chairs and the live plants.

lissyparker.com seen here.

The other side of this room is wonderful.  There are no plates on the mantel but you can see how they are brought into the dining area just beyond.  You have to go visit this talented lady!

lissyparker.com here.

Another vignette with green and yellow against those sunny yellow walls.

Knight-Carr.com here.

A more modern approach to the plates on the wall.  Should I try to go a little more modern?

candysdirt.com here.

A more formal setting with the highly collectible plates adorning the dining room walls.


Blue and white plates over a tub, love this!

yankeemagazine.com here.


Miguel Flores Vianna/Penny Morrison seen on Instagram here.

A Touch of Style by Carlos Mota here.

Neil Hill's at Christmas.  The plates look so pretty here.

Plates on the counter, maybe they are actually hung very low touching the counter not just sitting on the counter.

One King's Lane

A lot of majolica lives on shelves instead of the wall.

Beautiful Interiors Lisa Luby Ryan here.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Traditional Home

Then I ran across these babies.  They sang, they danced and I let out an operatic song that made the neighbors think I was in pain.  They called to check on me!

There they were!

My cabbage plates!



Sunday, February 14, 2016

A View For You

A few of my photos for you today.  This music pairs well with the photos if you are so inclined here.

mercury glass with flowers
































geese on lake