Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sofas Ready for Spring

With all the new Spring gorgeousness happening  outside I decided it was time to pull out my pillow covers and get my Spring look going on the sofas.
How does that saying go?  Too much is just enough!  That's me! Got flowers blooming everywhere.  I dare you to be in a bad mood in here.  There's nothing in here you won't see outside growing soon.I moved the sofa that sits in front of the double windows in the winter over to the corner so I can see all the activity outside.  The birds and squirrels love the feeder and really put on a show.  We have some crazy squirrels that like to stare you down.  They climb down to the bottom branch of the tree right outside the window and stare into the room. I had these pillow covers made a couple of years ago and still love them.  They all have varying shades of blue, red and green in them.  I don't do matchy matchy as I like to copy nature.  I know a lot of the trends now are neutral and if that works for you I say good for you!  But I love lots of color and pattern like the seasons we are going into! This first photo shows the pillow covers I usually have on the sofa year round.


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  2. Love the beautiful spring colors, I am always looking for beautiful pillows to change things up a bit! Thanks for the inspiration! Really like your blog name Just Jan!

    1. Thanks Jan! Pillows do change things up, don't they? Glad you like the blog name Jan!

  3. Love the pillows and your blog name!

  4. The pillows are wonderful!! I am really enjoying my "backward" reading of your blog! It is awesome to find someone who likes color and traditionalism. I am so DONE with white/chippy/burlappy/rusty décor!!!
    Blessings to you,

  5. Jan Saldivar ~ Yes it's a great name isn't it?! Haha! So sorry I just caught your comment.

  6. Jaybird ~ I never did jump on that bandwagon but it sure works for a lot of people. I think when you find what speaks to you there is no need to follow the latest trends. I am so glad you are enjoying my posts!