Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Red and White Christmas Table

I finished watching The Crown on Netflix.  Have you seen it?  The first few episodes were dull but I held on and it got much better.  There is one scene where they are getting ready for a dinner in the castle.  There were so many men preparing the table to perfection.  I started laughing out loud and thought well, I could use some help too!  All the details, from conception to collecting the pieces to climbing ladders for the right shot.  Then when the dinner was cancelled they magically took it all away.  Oh if only!  I love the 'torture' of it all, I have to confess.

There are two versions of my red and white table.  One is simple and the other has more oomph, everyone has a look they prefer.







This is a more simple look that I do love with its quiet elegance.



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  1. Your table settings are very pretty and the red roses are absolutely gorgeous! I've just started watching The Crown. Hubs would rather watch aliens and dragons so I can enjoy this show in peace...ha! Have you watched any of Grantchester? We watch it on Amazon TV. It originally aired on PBC. Love shows with vintage clothing and furnishings.