Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Colors For The Holidays

Colors for the holidays will be on the minds of many very soon if not already.  Which colors are you leaning to for decorating?  Some colors are good no matter the season, especially in the cooler/cold months of the year.  The reds whether called merlot, burgundy, crimson, ruby and deep plums or purples come to mind for me when thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Pillows with rich deep color can carry you from Fall through the end of February.  After Christmas the house can look bare but leaving the rich colors out instead of packed away will help cozy up your house for those grey cold days of winter.  Avoiding pillows with any writing helps stretch the pillow budget so you can use them for more than one month and it gives your home a more polished look.  Do you have any rich colors you like to carry you through the colder months of the year?

Red and burgundy will be definitely living on the sofas through winter in my home.  The Fall grasses and leaves behind the sofa give a clue that this is an Autumn look.  Dried and fresh roses that coordinate with the pillow colors make it all blend together.



The brass pitcher is picking up tones of the floral pillow.




Layla was there to help me and enjoying the morning sun.






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  1. Looking all gorgeous♥ Especially loving the pillows ♥