Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Summer Twist

How many furniture arrangements can I get out of this room?   There's always something being moved around in here.  It's a hard working room that doubles as the living/family room.  I have been excited about it this new version.  The sofas are sitting at a right angle together.  There's something so inviting and relaxing with sofas at right angles.  It feels like a new room.



There are few dogs laying around.


I have had the painting with the flowers for a long while now.  It just didn't seem to fit in how I thought it would in the past.  With the sofas rearranged it left this spot between the two sofas for the fabric covered table.


I had just a bit of fabric left over from the pillows that work so well for a runner on the green chest.  That's the green chest I never showed you.  I couldn't decide what color I want to paint it, or rather what color I want it to be.  Maybe an elf painter will come down the chimney and paint it for me....and decide what color!!  Blue or green??  What's your opinion?




I have started drying hydrangeas and they are on the mantel with a little of everything right now.  A very vintage painting and sketch along with a print.  It's a very collected look.  It's a more is more look!



 The colors from the tablecloth and the pillows on the sofa are the same as the floral painting.

 The smaller painting of the cottage, to the right of the floral painting, was an absolute must for this corner but I knew the size was an issue.  Using the mirror that had previously been living on the fireplace mantel, I sat the mirror on the green chest and placed the cottage painting in front of the mirror.  Instantly the smaller painting was given more importance and the mirror framed it so well.  The mirror made the petite painting an important piece as well!

Zinnias and roses.


There was no way they were not going to be in the photo.  Jacques had a new haircut and Layla wasn't going to allow him to take all the attention.


So I give up!


The chairs sit on this end of the room that looks out on the backyard.



  1. I like this the BEST!, and it looks like your furry buddies do as well!!
    Your wooden farmhouse rocker makes me smile....I got one like it new, with my first baby. I rocked all three of my kiddos in it, then when their first baby was due, I passed it along to my oldest son and his wife. They have rocked all of their kiddos in it and it still looks new! In February, I spent a week in their home so they could attend a couples retreat. My youngest grandgirl wanted to know if we could still rock in the trusty rocker? I said sure come I got to rock...yet sweet second generation, in old faithful. I hope you have enjoyed your rocker as much as I have!

    1. Oh Jaybird I got this rocker new with my only baby! She's 24 now and the rocker is still here as you can see. Maybe down the road we will rock little ones.