Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rose of Sharon Table

The Rose of sharon is blooming pretty in the yard now.  I thought I would put a little table together with some blooms.  This tablecloth was found in Alabama a good while back.  It's very vintage and the colors are bright and fun.


I recently came across these juice glasses and they are each holding a stem.  They happen to be the exact same shade as my green vase.


This is the vase I used not long ago with a tape grid across the top here.



One thing you need to know, don't wait to take that tape off!


I used some regular tape I had on hand for everyday, not the floral tape when I did the grid. I had every intention of using it again right away so I just rinsed it out.  P. Allen Smith will tell you to always clean out your vases, etc. with hot soapy water and a little bleach to kill whatever bacteria may have started to grow in your container.  That way your new flowers start off with a good clean start.  I didn't listen to P. Allen Smith.  I usually listen to everything he says.  However I didn't listen to him this one time.  I just didn't want to waste tape if I was about to use the vase right away.


Then I decided to use it and took the tape off.   It wasn't good. There are strips of green lifted from the vase.




I should have listened to P. Allen Smith.  It wasn't a cheap vase.


Well, it wasn't expensive for me because I found it at a very good price.  But the original sticker was still on the bottom and it wasn't a cheap vase.


So lesson learned!



Meanwhile my new fig bush has fruit!




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