Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jessika Goranson Lewand

This is a photo heavy post today so get comfortable first.  Jessika Goranson Lewand is the owner of Holiday Boutique in Beacon Hill, Boston.   She opened her shop in 2002, it focuses on smaller design house and one of a kind handmade items. This is a tour of her home she shares with her husband and newborn twins. They bought the home in 2010 but lived in Manhattan over two years.  They have just returned to their home in Concord, Massachusetts a little over a year ago.

Jessika writes, "I've always loved decorating since I was a kid. My childhood bedrooms were always important to me and my mom went to great lengths to help me decorate them. I've tortured her with wallpaper, upholstery and drapery projects since I was twelve. In college, my dorm room had custom curtains, my antique hope chest and was the "tour stop" dorm room for prospective students on campus. Ha! For some reason I've always "cared"."

It's obvious Jessika was born with a talent for decorating.  Talent runs through the family genes as her mother's talent for making custom window treatments is obvious.  She made most of them hanging in Jessika's home.

Jessika Goranson Lewand pink and blue living room

Looking into Jessika's living room, we see it is so pretty in pink and blue.

Jessicka Goranson Lewand pink with blue and white

There is lots of layering with pretty pillows, drapes and rugs.

Jessika Goranson Lewand in pink and blue

The room is for entertaining and where they enjoy their piano.  They are remodeling their fireplace to a more traditional look and will be enjoying the newly added gas feature on it.

Jessika Goranson Lewand piano

Jessicka Goranson Lewand pink and blue corner photo

Jessika Goranson Lewand art over table


Jessika Goranson Lewand bamboo with blue and white

Jessika Goranson Lewand guest bath

There are five bedrooms in the home.
Jessika Goranson Lewand bedroom with dark blue and white

Jessika Goranson Lewand grey with gold

Jessika Goranson Lewand white dishes with silver

The dining room with grey walls and creme curtains.
Jessika Goranson Lewand dining room

Jessika Goranson Lewand dining table 2

Her husband is English and many pieces were shipped over including the green chaise. 

Jessika Goranson Lewand room off the front door

Jessika Goranson Lewand with baby in front of fireplace

Jessika Goranson Lewand white with neutrals

May I present Louisa May, a Maine coon, also called Lulu for short.   Lulu is enjoying the tv room.

Jessika Goranson Lewand tv room

Jessika Goranson Lewand view of Christmas tree from tv room

Jessika's kitchen in white, stainless and black.  I love the wood countertop on the island.
Jessika Goranson Lewand kitty in the kitchen bowl

The antique hutch which resides in the kitchen was a gift from her husband.

Jessika Goranson Lewand hutch with white dish collection

Jessika Goranson Lewand kitchen baked cookies

Jessika Goranson Lewand kitchen and hall

Jessika Goranson Lewand laundry room

Jessika enjoys antiques in utilitarian places.
Jessika Goranson Lewand antique chest in laundry room

Wonderful tub in the master bath.
Jessika Goranson Lewand bathtub with kitty

Jessika Goranson Lewand green and blue floral bath

Beautiful wallpaper in the master bath and bedroom. Jessika recovered the master bedroom headboard, using a silk taffeta curtain panel as she couldn't find the perfect color/pattern in fabric form.

Jessican Goranson Lewand master bedroom

The twins pretty nursery.
Jessika Goranson Lewand twin's nursery

The twins have a well appointed changing area.
Jessika Goranson Lewand twins changing station

A peek into the corner of the nursery.
Jessika Goranson Lewand Baby nursery

This was the nursery before it was a nursery, a pretty guest bedroom with wallpaper depicting European city landmarks.

Jessican Goranson Lewand guest bedroom with large mirror

Guest bedroom in green and pink.

Jessika Goranson Lewand green and pink guest bedroom

Guest bedroom in pink and cream.

Jessika Goranson Lewand guest bedroom with Hermes blanket

They enjoy concord grapes growing!

Jessika Goranson Lewand grapes

They love the screened in porch that is original to the house.

Jessika Goranson Lewand porch

Another view from the porch.
Jessika Goranson Lewand porch with wicker sofa

I believe kitty, Louisa May, approves!
Jessika Goranson Lewand porch 2

Their property includes two acres of field and frontage to a natural pond. They are putting in a dock this summer.
Jessika Goranson Lewand lawn with white chairs

Jessika's English husband and one of the twins.
Jessika Goranson Lewand husand and baby girl

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  1. Hi Jan, what a beautiful home, but that cat just steals the show! I'm a big fan of your blog, but very lax with comments. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

    1. It is a beautiful home and I agree that kitty has a big personality! So kind of you to say, Bernice! Thank you for commenting!

  2. Tooooooooo cute!!! I LOVE the home, but I'm still laughing at the cat. They are all alike, Princess Posie likes to sit on the keyboard when I am practicing...what a pain in the gizzard, but so funny I can't even yell at her!!
    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures as I am not a member of instagram...