Sunday, February 14, 2016

Decorating Your Mantel

Baby, it's cold outside!  Remember that Christmas song?!  It's the season for using your fireplace.

 Are you enjoying evenings by the fire?  Are you gazing at it, enjoying the warmth?  What about your mantel, how's it looking?   I know I still haven't gotten my mantel to the point that I happy with it so I definitely have mantel decorating on my brain.  Why don't we talk about decorating your fireplace mantel today.  I see a lot of mantels out there and some are just gorgeous.  Let's start with some ideas for decorating your mantel.

A beautiful room with an equally beautiful fireplace.  A mirror is used here perfectly against the wallpapered walls.  Flowers and books add to the mantel's décor.  This is a biggie to me.  If you are going to hang a mirror on your mantel please have it reflect a nice view.  I see so many empty mirrors of space and nothing to see.  Your fireplace mantel is the center of attention.

Nicky Haslam

This oh so pretty mantel wears a painting that sits between two small mirrors.  Under the painting are three clocks and urns displaying fresh flowers that looked like they were just picked.  Do you see the green from the flower's stems repeated in the lampshade and the window trim?  It's also in the cord on the balloon curtains.

Christopher's Antique Paradise found here.

This room has a beautiful mantel that is decorated with a painting that has the same hue of peach in it as the room.  This is such a pretty room!  It could be winter and not a leaf on a tree outside but this room doesn't let you know that.

Nicky Haslam

 Beautiful shade of blue is on the walls in this pretty room.  The mantel has pottery with the aqua color that sits under the painting with blue and white. Houzz

Having a large print or painting above your mantel with animals or people in it can be a way to have a cozy cottage feel to your room.

Francois Boucher, The Mill 1751

Another way is to bring nature indoors as seen here.  Fresh cuttings sitting center on the mantel.  Botanicals surround the mirror.

Amanda Brooks here.

This is such pretty wallpaper and the framed painting really brings the mantel alive.

Linda and David Heathcoat Amory with Melissa Wyndham here.

The Cottage Journal seen here.

McMillen Interior Design here.

Pretty neutral room with landscape over mantel.

Southern Living

McKee Properties here.

This room is very appealing not only because it has sizable art over the mantel but it is done in neutrals and tastefully so.  Steering away from the gray and using cream tones give it a calm and warm appearance.  You won't have this feeling with gray painted walls and furniture.  The print on the curtains  goes the extra mile and adds interest but in a quiet way.   Curtains are always needed to bring a room together if you want it to be cozy.  It's interesting to me that it is only two chairs in a narrow space but it beckons you to come in and relax.

McKee Properties here.

A very pretty room with art over the mantel.

Pappa John's living room seen on here.

Another example of a portrait over the mantel.

NOTT Architects here.

A very British room with landscape and photographs on the mantel.

One King's Lane

Earth colors with a print on the wooden mantel.  Dried hydrangeas with books and a clock dress the mantel.

Southern Living

A different way to achieve a wow look!  Art is continued up the wall and is part of a gallery wall look.

Michael Bastian apartment

Neil Hill's mantel with large artwork and is surrounded by goodies!


Beautiful study!  Rich colors in the rug are reflected in the chair.   A room with character and exceptional taste.  The fireplace doesn't have a mantel for display but the large painting fills the space wonderfully.

Richard Drummond Davis Architects
Richard Drummond Davis Architects

Large mirror with smaller pieces of art flanking it.  Groupings of art are displayed on either side.

Keith McNally Balthazar here.

A very English room with a mantel decorated with a large mirror and antique clock and figures.  The art surrounding it is displayed in symmetry.  This is a room with a wonderful example of a gallery wall.

Penny Morrison

Not to be outdone by the room's décor, the fireplace mantel is sporting a modern painting that is that stands out in the room.

Nicky Haslam

Angelic figures in the painting, the blue is brought out with the blue pieces on the mantel.

Jean Francois Jaussaud Photography here.


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