Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Kitchen Styled

Hey!  How are ya'll?  I have been "styling" the kitchen for you.  You know magazines and many bloggers "style" a room before they share it with the world.   In a kitchen that is styled, you will usually see a wooden cutting board out with a big loaf of bread cut into or lots of produce sitting on the counter.  There are flowers everywhere and a lot of the time they have them in the sink as if they just came home with bundles and bundles of flowers.
I don't have bundles and bundles of flowers but I do have these pretty roses the mister brought me.  One of the gardenia bushes is blooming outside and it smells heavenly in here since he brought some in to me.


I love a wood cabinet, I like the warmth.  I have had this wallpaper in here for twenty years.  If I had to do it again, I would buy this exact paper.  It has made me a happy lady for many years.  There's birds, wisteria and a vine running through it.

This room can be tricky to photograph, that's why I don't show it more.  It's a challenge to get the colors right.

Roses on the dish towel.



White gardenias smelling wonderful.



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  1. I especially like your floral/plaid combo!! I went to Hobby Lobby today to look for a nice green plaid....alas.....I may have to come up with plan B :^(
    Your roses are lovely...tell your Mister he is a smart fellow!
    Be blessed,