Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hungry For Color

Hey!  Ya'll okay?!  Sometimes as a blogger, I search in vain for inspiration.  I am a color girl through and through.  There was a time that I felt inspired every time I went into a store with home décor.  The trends have changed and it leaves me hungry for color.  What I have found is that I can turn to nature and get plenty excited.  Nature is always inspiring.  It's more than that to me, I find myself longing for it more and more the older I become.  Do you?


Today I have been playing with shades of blue on the sofa.  Many different patterns sitting together and getting along wonderfully.

Let start with a beautiful blue skies day, even if it's just pretend!

Mimosa tree I ran across yesterday.  It had limbs running all over the place. They were on the ground, up around my legs and torso, just everywhere.  I could actually walk between the branches that are loaded down with blooms.  I don't remember ever being able to walk in a tree!

I was up early and thought it would be brighter this morning but it's a dreary morning outside.  I do believe this is cheerful though!  Blue and white toile sitting pretty on each end of the sofa along with two different patterns of roses on a light blue background.  The two smaller pillows are sporting a runner and tea towel, both in blue and white.

I can't produce blue skies but I did get some pretty photos yesterday.

A small field of purple.

The coffee table has roses on the runner and in the small blue pitcher.  Blue candleholder is sitting on top of blue willow plate.  The crocheted roses were a gift from my sweet mother-in-law years ago.  This is a cottagey look and I have been craving blue because it's been  raining so much.  I need some blue skies!







  1. In this age of home décor, I am ALWAYS starved for color.....
    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and I love your pretty sofa/coffee table pictures.
    I can honestly say that we have had a LOT of rain in Texas, so when the skies clear, everything is gorgeous! I have things blooming that never did before, and the new plants that I put in pots or in the ground, are JuMpiNg out of the dirt!! It's amazing!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.
    Be blessed,

    1. Oh, I saw the rain and its aftermath on the news. I hope you are not near the flooded part. Thanks for coming by J.