Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More Valentine Fun

Valentine’s Day is quickly coming around the corner. I want to share a bit more eye candy for you! Hope you enjoy!

I have been scurrying around town getting things together.  I bought some beautiful tulips!

Georges Dambier on Flickr

Oh! You are already here!  Have a seat.  What have you been up to?  I have a lot to show you.  Lots of color today!

John Rawlings Archives

I will make us some coffee.  How do you take yours?  Don’t these coffee beans make you want a cup?

AmyRothPhoto on

I suppose I need to set a table for us.  Or maybe you would rather sit at one of Carolyne Roehm’s tables?

Definitely have to sit at one of Carolyne’s tables!

Carolyne’s library lends itself to Valentine’s Day with the red books.  Isn’t it beautiful?!

After coffee let’s sit and visit in one of the red living rooms.  You get to pick!  Pick the designer room that best suits you!

Alidad’s London apartment here.

Miles Redd

Charlotte Moss

And of course a decadent chocolate cake…

Someone’s at the door.

He’s asking for you.  I told him to wait for you in the drawing room.

It seems his dear wife Cora has passed and he’s looking for another rich wife!  Good luck Lord Grantham.


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