Saturday, November 1, 2014

He Grew Roses

Hello  friend.  I hope you have been well.

Fall makes me remember.   Sitting in a classroom and reading a book surrounded by children with the rain and chill outside.  It was a cozy cocoon.

Friday night meant chocolate milk.

When we were younger she would gather us to her bed and lay down and read the Bible to us.

She taught me humor.  To laugh despite the trouble.

He grew roses.  Beautiful roses.  Neighbors came to view their beauty.

Fall was a favorite time of the year for him.

And for her as well.

My mother and my father.



  1. I remember my dad's hands: so thick and gnarled from hard work, but adeptly tying flys for fishing. What a beautiful post and tribute to your parents. Thank-you for sharing. Sandi

    1. Thank you so much Sandi. You sound like you possibly were a daddy's girl. We remember so many details and they are such gifts to draw upon the rest of our lives.