Thursday, January 7, 2016

Howard's Way

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by!  Straight from New York city is the kitchen of designer Howard Slatkin.  New York Social Diary pages are full of photos of his entire apartment.  To save time we will see the kitchen today.

Howard Slatkin kitchen


From New York Social Diary, "Looking into the kitchen from the gallery. The wood floor, the tiles on the walls and ceiling, and even the armoire were all newly made for this room."  Howard says, “Not for me the conventional antiseptic kitchen with white cabinets, white marble countertops, white subway tile.”  I have to say it is a warm kitchen.


"The cabinets are painted forest green and stenciled several shades of gold and black by Stuart-Creal Studio."


"When planning the kitchen Howard decided that the two-step-triangle layout works best: the sink, range, and refrigerator should be no more than two steps from one another."


“One can never have enough bookshelves in a room and that includes the kitchen,” says Howard.  "Painted Delft-style tiles by Sasha Solodukho covered not only the walls and ceiling but are inset into the door casings and even the grills in front of the air conditioning and heating units."


"A dedicated flower room is off the main kitchen. The counters are teak and the stainless-steel sink is twenty-six inches deep to accommodate flower vases and big tin buckets for conditioning the flowers that Howard brings in from his garden in the country."


"Everything has its place."


"For quick reference, kitchen closet doors are filled with photographs of table settings and flower arrangements from dinner parties and celebrations over the years."  What a great idea!  I know from putting tables and vignettes together it's great to look back for inspiration.



"Assorted table linens are organized in glass-fronted drawers where they can be easily seen and selected for table settings."  For more on Howard Slatkin's home please go here.



  1. This is a little heavy for me, but I do agree about the all-white kitchens being uninspired and overdone. It's fun to see something different. And I like the floor a lot.

    1. It is on the heavy side. I think if there was a big window in there it would feel totally different and make it more doable.

  2. Jan,
    It's a good thing to get outside of our comfort zone every now and again!!!
    I'd love to have a personal tour of this home!!!
    Throughout our years of marriage, "Mr. Ed" and I have move more than our share!!!
    With each new State and Country, I've always made it a point to go on home tours!!!
    Thank you for sharing this extraordinary kitchen!!!

  3. Thank you Pat! That must be so interesting to have lived in other countries.