Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall Decorating

Hey!  How are you?!  I want to share some photos from last fall with you.

This was a vignette that came together by chance.  Most of my vignettes do!  I wasn’t going to do any fall decorating.  I am not a grump about it but I just don’t get motivated to do much around fall usually.  I really love being outside in the fall.  Then the mister comes home with all this fall produce to cook with.  There was no way I was going to not put together something with the produce.  Oh and no I didn’t ask for the mums, the mister really likes them and saw them on sale and brought them home.  So YES!  I was putting something together!  I got motivated right away!

A field not far from our house.

Of course I had to play with it and try it several different ways.  Same produce and mums with blue and white tablecloth and runner.

This pic was taken at our lake down the lane from us.  You can see touches of fall here.

It will be quite awhile before we see any of this way down here.

Here you can see the lake across the lane from us.  This is our front yard and if you look through the trees you can see the lake on the other side of the road.  We had a lot of the smaller trees cut down this past winter.

This was ALL I was going to do.  Put out a couple of velvet pumpkins and dried hydrangeas with a little silver around the concrete cherub.  I am always in the mindset that it’s just so pretty outside why bother decorating for fall on the inside.  Ahem..ahem…until I see some of the pretty fall décor!

Last year it was late November when we finally had a lot of trees turning colors.  That puts me in a tailspin because I want to ‘watch’ the trees while they have such pretty color and I need to be in Christmas mode!

I kept trying different looks.

From a field in Louisiana.

All of these photos were from my cell phone last year.  It surprised me how good those phones can be for taking pics.



  1. So nice to see the hint of fall. We are still in the high ninety's here in the piney woods of east Texas. Come on fall!

    1. I know Ann! The cooler weather will be a nice change. Thanks for coming by!